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Albert437 views04/08/09 at 17:28dre4mer: Impressive model and detailing but please oh pleas...
Mechanical dragonfly1489 viewsI've just finished the modelling on this. The final choreography and animation wil follow soon.04/07/09 at 16:30TheSpleen: 5 stars from me!
Film Noir814 viewsThis picture mostly came from A:M but has had a lot of postwork in photoshop. 04/05/09 at 19:51frosteternal: Great image. Very effective.
3352 views04/01/09 at 15:38Gerry: Nice detail and texture in this one!
Saloon S7 in ever evolving progress1336 viewsSince this is my first attempt at modeling a car from scratch, it's a slow and painful learning process, but one I love nevertheless. Why would I still be working on it for this long. One day it will be finished in all it's glory. I take my hat off to every Hasher who has ever completed an automobile in detailed fashion.03/19/09 at 21:34robcat2075: How does a car like that get over a speed bump?
Mindy7480 viewsA commisioned "porn star" model.03/11/09 at 18:303DArtZ: Hmmm she should probably go to the hospital... but...
MRange Panarama0.jpg
Snowy Mountains651 viewsI created the material which is all procedural except 1bump map/displacement map for terrain detail.02/20/09 at 07:04robcat2075: pretty good mountains!
1435 views02/19/09 at 19:24TheSpleen: 5 stars from me. Very nice work.
Battleground 1.jpg
Battleground818 views02/14/09 at 13:06soupy: There's a great FFXI cast of an elvaan on a chocob...
Girls860 viewsGirls02/13/09 at 14:23agep: Very nice!
sushi551 viewsuni ikura ika
chutoro otoro akami

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02/13/09 at 14:21agep: Made me hungry! I love sushi
9119 views02/12/09 at 15:11Jared: Amazing work! Very atmospheric.
2135 views02/10/09 at 17:17matt_stanford: oh my god...thats amazing!!!
McLaren2047 viewsagep_tm@hotmail.com02/05/09 at 17:32Jared: Agep, you always amaze me. =)
Snailers Rest1297 views02/05/09 at 17:31Jared: Amzing work! I love it.
Starfall Final.jpg
StarFall733 viewsMy submission for the January Theme "Heroes"
02/05/09 at 17:30Jared: I absolutely love this render.
Stryfe762 viewsAn unrigged model that looks pretty neat!02/05/09 at 17:29Jared: Amazing modeling, man! Great work.
Sun Scale795 viewsThis image is one of three. It shows the scale of the Sun to the rest of the planets in the Sol solar system.02/05/09 at 17:28Jared: Wonderful use of ambience oclusion.
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