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ORIGIN OF MAN - Cruet Fighter- Completed317 viewsYet another shot same as before just different angles.06/04/09 at 15:18Eric2575: Even in space there is a lot of light unless you a...
Redhead Hair WIP3498 viewsTrying the v11 hair system05/24/09 at 02:58TheSpleen: very nice work
its reflected in your eye542 viewssingle model in a mirrored cube05/24/09 at 02:55TheSpleen: 5 stars
Car2508 viewsCar05/24/09 at 02:53TheSpleen: I love old cars 5 stars
Relections in a mirror cube775 views05/24/09 at 02:51TheSpleen: 5 stars
Gir & Yoyo2311 viewsGir wonders whether or not he should play with a yoyo.05/22/09 at 00:35Wegg: That is a really fun/strong design. Well done.
Yuka4435 viewszesshoku@hotmail.com 05/22/09 at 00:34Wegg: Gads
Astroid field.JPG
Origin of man - Astroid field366 views3D feature film well on its way to completion. Lots and lots of hard work....but since there is so much bad weather up in the NW I've had plenty of time to sit around and get it to work. I will upload the trailer soon as the sound mix is finalized.05/21/09 at 07:38Eric2575: It's too dark to make out much of anything. Lighte...
Train1754 viewsModeled in Animation:Master. No textures or materials....yet. :-)05/20/09 at 19:48TheSpleen: 5 stars
1582 views05/13/09 at 18:18robcat2075: That's a great look.
2806 views05/12/09 at 21:46kwhitaker: where can i get one like him beautiful work
1371 views05/11/09 at 23:27robcat2075: Great toon render
Bull Demon1693 viewsWork in progress on a demonic character05/11/09 at 14:58robcat2075: Hey I never caught that one. That looks cool!
USS Enterprise660 viewsBased on a re-design by Gabriel Koerner05/11/09 at 12:53sean_delgatto: how fun! good job!
Alexis Beach1011 viewsMy new character named Alexis composited over a photograph a friend took for me. Comments are most welcome, I'd love to hear the input.05/10/09 at 11:23Gerry: Nice image, but the closed eye doesn't look quite ...
Showcasing her car1271 viewsCreated as a promotional image for myself, and NEKOSEI productions, this image will be used on the business side web page and on my business cards.04/29/09 at 23:15Fuchur: Cameraangle makes sense... the car appears to be b...
Mighty Mouse2031 viewsHere I come to save the day!04/28/09 at 23:00sfx3d: wow nice job I love it
Mindy7287 viewsA commisioned "porn star" model.04/28/09 at 22:58sfx3d: nice me like
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