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1111 viewsThis was a large project for a contest of www.am-user.de.
It was done in a time, when A:M hasnt had hair. So it is all geometrie... My PC went damn hot here...
For further informations visit my website under: www.amprojekte.de.vu
01/17/09 at 16:03Fuchur: Just to let you know: The website changed to www.p...
Joe1204 viewsJoe is a character of a large project of me. I dont say too much but he is part of a quite crazy story. When I finished my current work, I will continue to work on him. For more informations see my website under: www.amprojekte.de.vu01/17/09 at 16:03Fuchur: Just to let you know: The website changed to www.p...
4904 views01/13/09 at 19:40jon: a classic!
6056 views01/02/09 at 16:10animas3D: Super Excellent and very fine.
skull cowboy693 viewsI made this guy just for the fun of it12/29/08 at 19:08jweinrub: Cool and creepy there.
my second model5900 views-Try to make her more human, reduce eye size,reduce face width, longer face (I think I have to reduce head size as well)
-Use photoshop for make up
-Separately render model and background
12/29/08 at 19:07jweinrub: Nice!
The WarGod.jpg
The WarGod659 views12/26/08 at 03:37TheSpleen: good composition
1422 views12/23/08 at 05:50a.quaihoi: Jeff, you are the man, I'll start to do an Asian A...
57 Vette~0.jpg
57 Chevy588 viewsA render I did for my Dream Garage Project. Hope you like it.12/23/08 at 05:48a.quaihoi: " Sunsets are nice, this is F!@$%&*!!!! Spect...
Brown Recluse Spider477 viewsThis one I created for my brother who owns a pest control company...12/19/08 at 16:49Enterprise: Nice image! If they are that big, I hope they take...
885 views12/18/08 at 06:00TheSpleen: 4 stars
Battleground 1.jpg
Battleground818 views12/16/08 at 09:25zandoriastudios: Nice work!
blues for beelzibub.jpg
Blues for Bielzibub658 views12/13/08 at 07:18jon: beautiful mood and model!
Jinx Castle1651 viewsThis castle is being created for "The Scarecrow of Oz" movie. Hope you like it.12/10/08 at 04:57TheSpleen: 5 stars from me. Very nice work.
2388 views12/08/08 at 13:54gugesbri: I still remember this image. That it was done with...
1781 views12/08/08 at 03:42TheSpleen: very nice work
longhorns alphas0.jpg
Texas Flag (Modified)761 viewsSimple picture of Texas Longhorns and Texas Tech logos on it.12/06/08 at 17:10TheSpleen: 5 stars just cause it's Texan
Lizard_11650 viewsPhotograph of lizard on dry lake bed. 12/06/08 at 17:08TheSpleen: 5 stars from me. Very nice work.
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