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Hond Rebel672 viewsThis is a model of the Honda Rebel I used to own and ride. Built the model for a modelling challenge a while back.01/24/10 at 21:45soupy: Beautiful bike model with amazing details! I'm def...
Bubble Headded Booby420 viewsThis is the B9 robot from the classic 1960's TV show Lost In Space. It is shown on the flight deck of the Jupiter 2.01/16/10 at 23:44TheSpleen: 5 stars no doubt
EVA Pod413 viewsThis is the EVA Pod from the movie 2001 - A Space Odyssey.12/08/09 at 12:34Eric2575: Superb! Nicely done Al.
Jinx Castle WIP614 views12/07/09 at 08:56serg2: its cooL!
Home Cinema Theatre588 views10/10/09 at 10:55dre4mer: ok i'm sorry but the texturing on the seats is jus...
Garry Kolbaskin637 views10/08/09 at 23:05robcat2075: good looking hair!
Jinx Castle WIP650 views09/24/09 at 15:44Xtaz: Superb
USS Enterprise494 viewsBased on a re-design by Gabriel Koerner09/18/09 at 07:36animas3D: Excellent.
Jinx Castle WIP650 views09/18/09 at 07:36animas3D: This is great!
Home Cinema Theatre588 views09/08/09 at 13:36rusty: I Love this and may actually use this desig...
Ringworld: Nessus and Speaker-to-Animals891 viewsThis is my 1st place winning entry in the March 2007 Hairy image contest, with color and lighting corrected in Photoshop. A scene from Larry Niven's novel Ringworld depicting Nessus and Speaker-to-Animals aboard the Lying Bastard, with the Ringworld in the background.09/03/09 at 10:15Arlnee: Fantastic puppeteer! And omg the ringworld in the ...
GABA428 views08/26/09 at 12:13bts0: lol this reminds me of those bird pens
Old Russian Bylinas and fairy tales (Zmey Gorynych @ Ylia Muromec)644 views08/15/09 at 12:09robcat2075: I don't think I caught those before, those look gr...
DaddyO Hall.jpg
Job well done508 viewsAlternate version of a scene done just for fun. 07/29/09 at 22:00Rob T: Bioshock was a lot of fun. Looking forward to the ...
This was just a modeling excercise I did for fun. There was a lot of learning in this one.461 views07/29/09 at 21:59Rob T: The gold material is amazing.
Saleen 2.jpg
703 viewsThis is the result of my first car modeling attempt. I was quite pleased with it. The car is a Saleen S707/29/09 at 21:58Rob T: Your FIRST car? Man I feel so inadaquate right now...
Enterprise552 viewsWIP based on Gabriel Koerner's design with a NASA background07/29/09 at 21:57Rob T: Just incredble!
Star Trek Challenger.jpg
Orbit731 viewsNot much to add07/29/09 at 21:56Rob T: Holy shit wow!
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