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This was just a modeling excercise I did for fun. There was a lot of learning in this one.477 views07/29/09 at 22:59Rob T: The gold material is amazing.
Saleen 2.jpg
726 viewsThis is the result of my first car modeling attempt. I was quite pleased with it. The car is a Saleen S707/29/09 at 22:58Rob T: Your FIRST car? Man I feel so inadaquate right now...
Enterprise571 viewsWIP based on Gabriel Koerner's design with a NASA background07/29/09 at 22:57Rob T: Just incredble!
Star Trek Challenger.jpg
Orbit752 viewsNot much to add07/29/09 at 22:56Rob T: Holy shit wow!
Street w/ Tank & two troopers1087 viewsA couple of buildings and a street in which to make boned characters walk around in.07/28/09 at 19:54jweinrub: Nice job there!
ALIEN 3D jp.jpg
ALIEN for sci fi movie "Sightings"817 viewsThis is my sci-fi critter for a comedy where these little buggers try to take over earth, well at least some of it. This is already a fun project and looking forward to going from pre-production to Production!!!!07/22/09 at 22:57Hazard6211: Looks Great man
Garry Kolbaskin662 views07/16/09 at 14:48steve392: Lovely smooth modeling,and graet hair
1001 views07/07/09 at 20:16TheSpleen: 5 stars
947 views07/07/09 at 20:16TheSpleen: 5 stars from me
2609 views07/07/09 at 08:56kwhitaker: so good, wonderful
Brian Anderson -1st Place!-1628 views07/06/09 at 19:55TheSpleen: 5 stars
Landscape917 views07/03/09 at 10:45sean_delgatto2001: Un friggin believable! BEAUTIFUL! WELL DONE!
The Devibuck for my movie i'm making500 views06/28/09 at 18:03sean_delgatto2001: God that looks good!
House493 viewsmayby i am lear somethin now..... but so many thing to learn.. :)06/28/09 at 18:02sean_delgatto2001: the lighting sets a nice mood.
Honda Rebel 250870 viewsI made this model of a motorcycle I recently bought. Created the model so I can try out different paint schemes and modifications before doing it to the real bike.06/28/09 at 18:01sean_delgatto2001: I wonder what Nay sayer gave him only 4??????? I s...
The Phantom Of The Cinema498 viewsTHE PHANTOM OF THE CINEMA is an animated short film in which we, the theater audience, get an exclusive look behind the scenes and screens of the cinema. The movie thatís running through the projector suddenly jams and breaks, allowing us to see what happens behind the projection screen when everything is going horribly wrong.
After his award winning film VENT filmmaker Erik van Schaaik presents a new artistic treat that plays with all laws of cinema. 3D done in A:M
06/28/09 at 17:59sean_delgatto2001: if nothing else, the textures alone are A+++++++++...
arbor final2.JPG
Arbor Body421 viewsmy arbor's rock'n bod06/28/09 at 17:57sean_delgatto2001: You almost feel like you can touch it, Id say the ...
Dawn FINAL0 Web small.jpg
Dawn at the Rocks525 viewsI did this image a few months back. This was a weekend prpject.06/28/09 at 17:51sean_delgatto2001: Absolutely amazing!
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