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Gowan City widescreen.jpg
ORIGIN OF MAN - GOWAN CITY550 viewsEverything hash generated except for the clouds! I created the city and a couple of the ships as well as rendered this shot all today! I am Soooooooooo pleased with the hash software it quit litterally is like having Magic on your side!08/28/09 at 14:18sean_delgatto: If anyone looking at this could leave feedback/ cr...
GABA446 views08/26/09 at 13:13bts0: lol this reminds me of those bird pens
1961 views08/25/09 at 23:18Fuchur: I especially like the slimy look of thom and on th...
1659 views08/25/09 at 01:02robcat2075: Not a bad hobbit for 1998.
Jinx Castle1695 viewsThis castle is being created for "The Scarecrow of Oz" movie. Hope you like it.08/24/09 at 16:51sean_delgatto2001: fantastic!
Orca on the Hunt522 views08/24/09 at 16:49sean_delgatto2001: really really good work!
Batmobile814 views08/24/09 at 16:49sean_delgatto2001: absolutely fantastic! Love the surface textures an...
2134 views08/23/09 at 07:04steve392: excellant
A city hat moon0.jpg
700 viewsAlba riding around in a nomad08/23/09 at 03:38steve392: Very good face
2nd Place2057 views08/22/09 at 20:32robcat2075: Fine work!
Old Russian Bylinas and fairy tales (Zmey Gorynych @ Ylia Muromec)667 views08/15/09 at 13:09robcat2075: I don't think I caught those before, those look gr...
Poolside2584 viewsJust another ordinary day at the pool, so boring...08/14/09 at 08:20steve392: Very smooth nice job
1166 views08/11/09 at 20:26kwhitaker: l love your pig, i would hang that right in my...
THE END part 2613 viewsStill from sci - fi film the end by sean delgatto08/09/09 at 16:30sean_delgatto2001: few years to respond LOl go to www.novicestarprodu...
A friend of Nemo_01854 views08/08/09 at 15:24robcat2075: Extra Cute!
Wolverine continues to evolve1051 views08/04/09 at 16:36robcat2075: looks cool!
my parasaur 0.jpg
Parasaurolophus484 viewsThis is a parasaurolophus that Nathanael Stoner of Robobill Animations has been working on in his spare time. It has yet to be rigged.08/04/09 at 16:36robcat2075: He needs a more rounded diet!
DaddyO Hall.jpg
Job well done525 viewsAlternate version of a scene done just for fun. 07/29/09 at 23:00Rob T: Bioshock was a lot of fun. Looking forward to the ...
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