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Mike Sanderson1084 views04/14/09 at 09:33arkaos: That is one of the cooler alien creatures I've see...
F-350 / Big Foot / R/c666 viewsWhen I was a child my dream was to be gifted with a R/C big foot.
Now I have my own ... It is virtual .. but is mine
04/13/09 at 07:29TheSpleen: 5 stars from me
Albert452 views04/08/09 at 18:28dre4mer: Impressive model and detailing but please oh pleas...
Mechanical dragonfly1513 viewsI've just finished the modelling on this. The final choreography and animation wil follow soon.04/07/09 at 17:30TheSpleen: 5 stars from me!
Film Noir829 viewsThis picture mostly came from A:M but has had a lot of postwork in photoshop. 04/05/09 at 20:51frosteternal: Great image. Very effective.
974 views04/05/09 at 15:53Paul Forwood: I wish someone would remove this image. It's embar...
888 views04/04/09 at 09:49affington: oh wow.. i did this sooo long ago haha, nice to se...
1762 views04/04/09 at 04:44steve392: very nice modeling ,wish I could get that look
3371 views04/01/09 at 16:38Gerry: Nice detail and texture in this one!
Saloon S7 in ever evolving progress1357 viewsSince this is my first attempt at modeling a car from scratch, it's a slow and painful learning process, but one I love nevertheless. Why would I still be working on it for this long. One day it will be finished in all it's glory. I take my hat off to every Hasher who has ever completed an automobile in detailed fashion.03/19/09 at 22:34robcat2075: How does a car like that get over a speed bump?
4th Place2487 views03/12/09 at 13:07Nuba X: WOW! VERY NICE! GREAT WORK!
906 views03/12/09 at 13:00Nuba X: WOW Excellent
Mindy7527 viewsA commisioned "porn star" model.03/11/09 at 19:303DArtZ: Hmmm she should probably go to the hospital... but...
1867 views03/03/09 at 09:16richard m peplinski: very good,
1st Place2408 views03/02/09 at 16:25robcat2075: Wonderful work. May you return and amaze us with m...
3358 views03/01/09 at 22:58robcat2075: that's a smooth lookin'... whatever he is.
3998 views02/27/09 at 15:40Nuba X: WOW! This that Naomi Campbell?!?! GREAT WORK WORK!...
1637 views02/22/09 at 19:593DArtZ: the longer I look at the shapes, the more I like i...
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