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Bull Demon1783 viewsWork in progress on a demonic character05/11/09 at 13:58robcat2075: Hey I never caught that one. That looks cool!
Earth and the Moon467 viewsThe Earth with the Moon barely visible in the background. The wide-angle camera makes the Moon look small.05/11/09 at 12:07sean_delgatto: WOW, I've been working on simial stuff for years, ...
1898 views05/11/09 at 12:05sean_delgatto: very cool
564 viewsSaw this scene on CGTalk and wanted to see if I could do something similar. I did not spend much time on this and it shows.05/11/09 at 12:03sean_delgatto: still cool to look at
USS Enterprise764 viewsBased on a re-design by Gabriel Koerner05/11/09 at 11:53sean_delgatto: how fun! good job!
Broom Room781 viewsThe place that Witchy Peg keeps her jet-powered broom. Just right for when she needs to get out and about on it in a hurry...05/11/09 at 07:58robcat2075: cool looking shot!
Alexis Beach1096 viewsMy new character named Alexis composited over a photograph a friend took for me. Comments are most welcome, I'd love to hear the input.05/10/09 at 10:23Gerry: Nice image, but the closed eye doesn't look quite ...
Descent into the Toilet of Doom, from Soap Opera519 viewsA still from Soap Opera, viewable at AMFilms.05/03/09 at 17:27frosteternal: This was an amusing short. I loved this scene!
Showcasing her car1348 viewsCreated as a promotional image for myself, and NEKOSEI productions, this image will be used on the business side web page and on my business cards.04/29/09 at 22:15Fuchur: Cameraangle makes sense... the car appears to be b...
Mighty Mouse2156 viewsHere I come to save the day!04/28/09 at 22:00sfx3d: wow nice job I love it
Mindy7477 viewsA commisioned "porn star" model.04/28/09 at 21:58sfx3d: nice me like
The Cathedral1525 views04/28/09 at 13:30Gerry: Haven't seen this one before. It's beautiful!
1385 views04/28/09 at 08:13sean_delgatto2001: beautiful!
1105 views04/28/09 at 08:13sean_delgatto2001: beautiful!
1669 views04/28/09 at 08:12sean_delgatto2001: WOW - JUST WOW !!!!!!! A+++++++++++++
Honda Rebel 250843 viewsI made this model of a motorcycle I recently bought. Created the model so I can try out different paint schemes and modifications before doing it to the real bike.04/27/09 at 18:30animas3D: Soooweeeeet!!!
1801 views04/27/09 at 10:17animas3D: AMAZING!
Jedi starfighter (without colour).PNG
Jedi Starfighter WIP1993 views04/27/09 at 09:43sean_delgatto2001: perfect
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