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Clone Trooper.PNG
Clone Trooper2213 views02/19/07 at 18:28clonewar12345: Its pretty good. I am trying to model stuff like t...
close up jay R3.jpg
Jay z model1038 viewsHash is reppin Hip hop bigtime on 07. currently tweaking short animations of jay for use as animated ringtones.12/28/06 at 08:07jon: righteous attitude, but check that decal!
Jedi starfighter (without colour).PNG
Jedi Starfighter WIP1996 views11/30/06 at 08:54tralfaz: Absolutely stunning model! Exquisite detail.
tropical storm5512 views11/29/06 at 12:39gugesbri: Noah. Stop. Enough hot women. I can't do my work a...
master marine_0001.jpg
marine from warhammer 4000 dawn of war1265 viewsconnor112case@aol.com10/24/06 at 22:17MattWBradbury: SPACE MARINES! Teach those Orcs who's boss!
Bones in the Mirror2827 viewsThis was an exercise with lighting, reflective and transparency, as well as a bit of depth of field. This is a masterful peace of software.09/22/06 at 10:14noah brewer: The texture and lighting on that vase look incredi...
Blue Jean Baby, A:M Lady8731 viewsWorking on a little more realism with photographic textures09/10/06 at 14:43mooncaine: nice! especially love the wrinkles on the jeans, a...
mika2953 viewsAnother wallpaper.08/04/06 at 05:16jon: nah... noah's models aren't so... free-spirited, a...
mika2953 viewsAnother wallpaper.08/03/06 at 21:41MyFruitySalad: Your models lool a lot like Noah Brewer's. Either ...
tropical storm5512 views08/03/06 at 21:35MyFruitySalad: Hey, aren't you Noah? Your models look alot like h...
Saleen S7 interior2003 views07/29/06 at 11:24Viper GTX2.0: That is a great inside i need to make inside for m...
Saleen S73049 viewsS7 almost completed. Thanks to Xtaz for help on render settings.07/29/06 at 11:22Viper GTX2.0: Wow that looks way better then the car im making. ...
Saleen S73049 viewsS7 almost completed. Thanks to Xtaz for help on render settings.07/28/06 at 09:26ddustin: Excellent attention to detail!!
Droideka with colour.PNG
Droideka1923 views07/27/06 at 18:57genocell: Dude, this is like, sooooo coool!
Saleen S73049 viewsS7 almost completed. Thanks to Xtaz for help on render settings.07/27/06 at 12:35Xtaz: Hi Eric .... How do i do to rate it whit 6 stars ?...
M&M Plain1891 views07/16/06 at 15:53bedheadben: Good job!
mika2953 viewsAnother wallpaper.07/07/06 at 09:31Fuchur: really beautiful girl... but as jon said: you shou...
Clone Trooper.PNG
Clone Trooper2213 views07/06/06 at 20:23cuboos: ware can i get armor like that
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