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Press Release of Professor Weizenheimer from WIP "Alien Invasion"813 viewsHair is expensive but well worth the time to get the Einstein look. He is complete with German Accent.11/27/08 at 18:19TheSpleen: I gave ya 5 stars cause of the character
Jedi starfighter (without colour).PNG
Jedi Starfighter WIP2025 views11/13/08 at 19:12Helojammer: Absolutly great work
Futuristic car2926 views11/04/08 at 21:42soupy: Excellent model and material! Perhaps a tone-down ...
Wolverine continues to evolve1051 views06/16/08 at 16:01animas3D: This is nice.
A Robot Confused1215 viewsI'm still trying to add detail to this world. Any suggestions are welcome.05/16/08 at 07:39sean_delgatto2001: B-E-A-Utiful! The detail is just fine!
HD POSE0.jpg
HD Breaking Bad609 viewsAn on going project to help get Humpty Dumpty up to date.05/04/08 at 01:33Ilidrake: Has anyone noticed I messed up the other eggs plac...
Saleen S73090 viewsS7 almost completed. Thanks to Xtaz for help on render settings.04/29/08 at 18:03Eric2575: Lots of attention to detail, spline layout, and bi...
Head(james)1999 viewsMy second attempt at modeling, my friends head, havent touched it in ages but will eventually finish it, promise!03/10/08 at 18:09Nuba X: I see you're making nice progress..
Perfect Chaos4510 viewsPerfect Chaos was the final Boss in Sonic Adventure for the Dreamcast. 03/10/08 at 18:08Nuba X: I Know who that is...I still have that game...Good...
new 07 melyssa hot0.jpg
Melyssa ford nu model1367 viewsfelt like making a nu melyssa. look for her soon on HCTV. made with v12.03/05/08 at 18:46tbenefi33: That looks real, you done a good job on that one.
Donut Shop Set from WIP "Alien Invasian"892 viewsI'm in to the detail, Some of which will never showup in the final, but I KNOW IT'S THERE02/14/08 at 09:16babreu: Very nice work.
fig 52 In Progress8106 viewsNothing has been photoshopped on this yet, except for a subtle smoothing of the face. In the final version, her costume will be changed, and the colors and contrast will be tweaked.02/08/08 at 15:05animas3D: Ooh la la!
mika2976 viewsAnother wallpaper.09/08/07 at 20:18Fox Raptor: The model quality there can't be denied at all. Co...
Old Man1521 views06/08/07 at 09:00jon: this is great work! lightly stylized and very expr...
Anime Guy986 views05/14/07 at 09:57jon: as a work in progress, its a great model... but no...
Saleen S73090 viewsS7 almost completed. Thanks to Xtaz for help on render settings.05/08/07 at 02:39Fuchur: Wow, how do you make ur car that smooth locking?
living room941 viewsits my first scene that i plan to use radiosity for. the lighting shown here is just so that the render looks good and i have an idea of the final render. the painting on the wall is a vincent van gogh paint ting, can you guess which ;) ?03/23/07 at 21:01totlover: nice--caleb
Saleen S73090 viewsS7 almost completed. Thanks to Xtaz for help on render settings.02/22/07 at 05:15howboring: Niccceee!
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