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Halloween yorkie878 views11/28/09 at 15:38Meowx: this is the most amazing piece of animation:master...
Grashopper1572 viewsIn cold Russian winter, it wanted will go to a summer. I very much like insects, in particular grasshoppers. And I have tried to create probably realistic model of this insect.11/26/09 at 15:10Douglas Ferrin: Pretty great grasshopper
Badger Football746 viewsI was recently cleaning up some folders and came across this model I created some time ago.11/20/09 at 21:10robcat2075: those look great.
Tract Neighborhood.jpg
Tract Neighborhood669 views11/15/09 at 15:04robcat2075: nice shot!
Landscape891 views10/31/09 at 20:03robcat2075: lovely!
DONE BEAN_03.jpg
ScooterBean_03531 views10/13/09 at 11:22robcat2075: I have no idea what that is but it looks wild
Battleground 1.jpg
Battleground819 views10/10/09 at 13:39Eric2575: five stars from me
1171 views10/05/09 at 19:44kwhitaker: cool welldone
Batmobile789 views10/01/09 at 17:08dre4mer: niiice work!
455 views09/14/09 at 12:05robcat2075: that's a cute one
f2008 done.jpg
F2008549 viewsThis is ferrari's F1 challenger for the 2008 season.09/10/09 at 21:46animas3D: Great!
Tract Neighborhood.jpg
Tract Neighborhood669 views09/10/09 at 18:27animas3D: Seems like it would be a nice place to live.
Character from a short film that is STILL in progress...651 views09/07/09 at 15:41kwhitaker: nice lighting, hope to see your movie soon
2146 views09/07/09 at 08:53kwhitaker: Ah.. these haunted woods are ghostly beautiful, We...
458 views09/07/09 at 06:16GARDENZ: My native language is Japanese. I uploaded image t...
458 views09/06/09 at 07:39Eric2575: You are doing fine with the English language, don'...
458 views09/06/09 at 06:58GARDENZ: I don't want posting in WIP, because of language p...
458 views09/05/09 at 09:40Eric2575: Well, would you at least consider posting a wirefr...
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