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longhorns alphas0.jpg
Texas Flag (Modified)761 viewsSimple picture of Texas Longhorns and Texas Tech logos on it.12/06/08 at 17:10TheSpleen: 5 stars just cause it's Texan
Lizard_11651 viewsPhotograph of lizard on dry lake bed. 12/06/08 at 17:08TheSpleen: 5 stars from me. Very nice work.
LevVy2203 viewsI created LevVy based on a dream I had a few years ago......Lev_Vy was modeled and textured in HASH Animation Master 8.5...12/06/08 at 17:08TheSpleen: 5 stars from me. Very nice work.
Knuck 1.jpg
674 views12/06/08 at 17:07TheSpleen: 4 stars
The Kitchen1221 viewslearning how to use IBL / HDRI12/06/08 at 17:06TheSpleen: 5 stars from me. Very nice work.
The Invitation2328 viewsThe greatest man and Lord.12/06/08 at 17:04TheSpleen: 5 stars from me. Very nice work.
Boba Fett Wire727 viewsA model that I made for SOTEGA, an Italian based adventure game project. Post in Photoshop.12/01/08 at 22:16Fuchur: Very nice... it is splineeffective, has good displ...
1093 views12/01/08 at 18:05TheSpleen: 5 stars
Willian Jefferson Clinton2545 viewsA man and president.12/01/08 at 18:02TheSpleen: perfect 5 stars
2114 views11/17/08 at 14:19TheSpleen: great character! I gave ya 5 stars.
Girls860 viewsGirls11/17/08 at 10:59jon: she's all kinda bendy, ain't she? ' ' )
1551 views11/12/08 at 13:46Sean Concannon: sweet. Ninjas are awesome
1045 views11/05/08 at 10:51jon: great model & nice texturing job, but she's wearin...
Sentinel posed in walk cycle.607 viewsRendered for texture/lighting test.10/19/08 at 16:28Jared: Amazing modeling and texturing!
1190 views10/18/08 at 20:57TheSpleen: 5 stars from me. Very nice work.
3750 views10/15/08 at 12:44Jared: Great water effect!
Death Of Hunger.jpg
"Death Of Hunger"2152 viewsI created this Still Life as a composition study... A:M V8.510/14/08 at 13:47jon: the stuff of nightmares... beautifully crafted nig...
figure 153719 viewsThis was 3D practice, by trying recreate the lighting and pose of a photograph.
09/10/08 at 22:14robcat2075: great shot. I just can't figure out if she's verti...
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