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2766 views11/26/11 at 22:15livewiresrus: Great pic no 3d effct with glasses tho
3436 views11/26/11 at 22:04livewiresrus: Great pic but no 3d effect with glasses
5079 views11/26/11 at 22:01livewiresrus: Awesome ..love the gray in Superman' s Hair
664 views09/14/11 at 08:40richard m peplinski: R.I.P. Andy Withfield, great actor gone to soon, b...
11631 views09/01/11 at 16:38Vertexspline: wonderful perspective and great scene overall
Peugeot 3071219 viewsImage Final rendered with HDRI 4000x1600
Render Time = 1h 04m
A:M v14
09/01/11 at 16:36Vertexspline: wow!
9161 views09/01/11 at 16:35Vertexspline: great scene----nice render
X7 StudioRenders A-0.jpg
Haro Extreme X7 (Modified)662 viewsThis is a model of my bike with its current configuration in my garage. I modeled it to expand my skills and for my demoreel. The final patch count is (Dare I put it): 53,071.
This render is uses IBL with a Highres HDR image and AO.
09/01/11 at 16:33Vertexspline: nice bike Josh--
Batmobile812 views09/01/11 at 16:32Vertexspline: very cool looking car and very nice render!
King of the Jungle564 views09/01/11 at 16:31Vertexspline: i liked the trees most of all
Batmobile812 views05/17/11 at 23:13Fuchur: Maybe a little bit other window design but it alre...
RON 2.0 (now rendering)580 viewsRon 2.0 parody short film is currently being rendered out and will be released to film festivals then You tube after that.01/31/11 at 19:43dkunyk: Can't wait to see the final product.
Carrier Landings at dusk488 viewsModeled completely in Hash animation, with the textures being done in photoshop01/27/11 at 06:10sean_delgatto2001: very nice!
Peugeot 3071219 viewsImage Final rendered with HDRI 4000x1600
Render Time = 1h 04m
A:M v14
12/31/10 at 10:29robcat2075: too fabulous!
Still shot4KHD1.jpg
DWE logo456 viewsFark world Entertainment logo of a burnt planet design also shown under video section of Hash site. Two layers combined in after effects to create effect.12/16/10 at 10:12sean_delgatto2001: ok it was supposed to be Dark world entertainment ...
509 views08/15/10 at 05:09GARDENZ: Thank you so much Dreamcube018. Please search &quo...
Landscape916 views07/19/10 at 22:30Dreamcube018: How long does something like that take to render?
509 views07/19/10 at 22:26Dreamcube018: YEAH for anime! Nice!!
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