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Serenity374 viewsPart of my Nautilus project, but is so simple and beautiful that I gave it it's own space.
USS Enterprise385 viewsBased on a re-design by Gabriel Koerner
Jinx Castle WIP475 views
Jinx Castle WIP509 views
57 Vette.jpg
57 Chevy Vette390 viewsMy second attempt at a car. AM makes it pretty easy.
Jinx Castle WIP402 views
463 viewsSaw this scene on CGTalk and wanted to see if I could do something similar. I did not spend much time on this and it shows.
DaddyO Hall.jpg
Job well done412 viewsAlternate version of a scene done just for fun.
This was just a modeling excercise I did for fun. There was a lot of learning in this one.373 views
T-Rex361 viewsWIP
Earth Spacedock.jpg
Departure496 viewsChallenger about to go into deep space
Head Study.jpg
Kate646 viewsMy first head model. Someday I will finish her.
Nautilus Dry Dock.jpg
Nautilus at Home496 viewsThe Nautilus inside Volcania's Mountain Cave
Nautilus Shipyard.jpg
Nautilus Shipyard564 viewsI always wanted to model the Disney Nautilus. There it is.
Saleen 2.jpg
568 viewsThis is the result of my first car modeling attempt. I was quite pleased with it. The car is a Saleen S7
Saleen S7.jpg
S7491 viewsJust another view of my first car model
Star Trek Challenger.jpg
Orbit601 viewsNot much to add
Enterprise440 viewsWIP based on Gabriel Koerner's design with a NASA background
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