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SpiderChase 1.jpg
Spider Chase1448 viewsMade in A:M 9.5 and 11.0, this is a frame of an animatic for a live action proof of concept.
Feature animation from - Squib 2008622 viewsFeature length family movie about an alien who visits earth and brings trouble with him. To be released at the end of 2008
Ballet Pour Ma Fille2273 viewsA still from the film "Ballet Pour Ma Fille," by Peter Shafer.
TALKER and SHRIMP_02.jpg
Talker w/ shrimp678 viewsTalker is the star of my first short "Intimations of Immortality'
WWII Tiger Tank890 viewsUploaded 4/24/2008 - Started out as an example of how to model a tread. Kinda got carried away with it. After some more grunge and background it will be featured in the Showcase.
Tiger I595 viewsFamous German WWII tank that I started to model as a tank tread excercise. Now I will go all out to model and texture it.
Test badguy 2b30.jpg
ORIGIN OF MAN - Badguy443 viewsIn the works, figuring out all the characters, how to construct the models in which it will look good and yet be economical. This particular character is a creepy badguy, but needs to be "Kid friendly". So I figured that Ill make him look a little freaky and use its acting to work in the freakyness. Cool idea, Im pretty satisfied with it and moving right along with the project!
The Penitents Gate/ City of Vaage806 viewsOne of three gates to a ratty little frontier garrison town.
Escape from the mines of Titan #1347 viewsA still from a video I am working on for a progressive rock band
truck preview0.jpg
peterbuilt542 viewsmy first try at a truck
Turkey732 viewsi made this guy a week after i got AM
Saleen S71293 viewsThis is my first serious attempt to create a smooth car body. It has a long way to go, but it gets better every day.
VEN shot copy.jpg
THE END part2 vfx shot700 viewsI'm using Hash to do all of my VFX as it is fast, intuitive, and the results are amazing! This is just 1 of many shots in this film that should be premiering sometime by December.
Easy Guitar Modeling588 views
After making the Guitar and Violin model I planed to make a tutorial on how to make a guitar with just one rota scope. I still might make tutorial if I get enough people ask me and I get a new faster computer LOL
a fighter from JPN919 viewsHi, This is a model of martial arts movie making now.
Wood house.JPG
House for SHort project443 viewsJust completed building the house for the short story. Absolutely love how easy this software is to create models like this and have it look good!
Character WIP : "Jedi Knight Xan Li" (pronounced ZAN LEE)3554 viewsThis is a character that I've had in my head for a while. He's the main character in my own Star Wars Fan Film that is currently in pre-production.
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