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M 16 470 views
m4 helmet-0.jpg
Military Helmet849 views
Martin's Appartment from WIP "Alien Invasion"708 views
Martin's Kitchen from WIP "Alien Invasion"682 views
master marine_0001.jpg
marine from warhammer 4000 dawn of war1266 viewsconnor112case@aol.com
Merovingian's scene - Matrix Reloaded1103 viewsThere's still a lot of modeling left to do and after that a lot of texturing, but I think it's gonna be nice...
melyssa close up0.jpg
melyssa811 viewsbeen working on my own hip hop video chick [every tru playa should have one. but seriously though one day I was checking out King magazine and looking at Melyssa Ford and ended up using a pic of her face to practice flattening and texturing. in the process of animating her. today I just finished putting in the skeletal rig and will be animating her soon.
my parasaur 0.jpg
Parasaurolophus466 viewsThis is a parasaurolophus that Nathanael Stoner of Robobill Animations has been working on in his spare time. It has yet to be rigged.
new 07 melyssa hot0.jpg
Melyssa ford nu model1351 viewsfelt like making a nu melyssa. look for her soon on HCTV. made with v12.
Wolverine continues to evolve1032 views
Morning News still from WIP "Alien Invasion"768 viewsI used the Anouncer from the Hash Disk. I thought he was perfect just as he was except for a few rigging adjustments and phoneme and face expression pose sliders. The rest is origional.
Old Man1505 views
Opi the grandpa1009 viewsThis is my new grandpa-character.
I experimented with shaders, materials and bump-maps, expressions and my own rig.
Everything was built from scratch after 3 pencil-images I painted.

C&C welcome.
Pinguin in love...1266 viewsthis is my first character model
Bridge Party1397 viewsA continuing work that paused in an interesting place.
Pod16abrushed shader on sphere0.jpg
EVA590 views
I told you we should have asked for directions...560 views
pre cor liquid ring pump and booster0.jpg
Liquid ring vacuum pump with booster1807 viewsThis will eventually be animated to show the blower rotors (in brass) rotating and air flowing through it. The the air flows into the liquid ring pump which compresses it and discharges as a mixture of gas and water. The lower impeller will cause the water in the cavity to spin around like a whirlpool.
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