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Blue Jean Baby, A:M Lady8733 viewsWorking on a little more realism with photographic textures
Rom Pitt (body)3653 views1st character for my animated movie short. Just a final render test. Textures are not final. Used 2 light dome skycast and one strong klieg light.

~more to come!
Bones in the Mirror2829 viewsThis was an exercise with lighting, reflective and transparency, as well as a bit of depth of field. This is a masterful peace of software.
Get the boot545 views
Bull Demon1789 viewsWork in progress on a demonic character
Car2599 viewsCar
978 viewsThe RPV Attack Drone that shoots up the 'Bad-Guy' Crawlers on 'Seven Tigers Bridge'. [One of six]
Clone Trooper.PNG
Clone Trooper2214 views
close up jay R3.jpg
Jay z model1039 viewsHash is reppin Hip hop bigtime on 07. currently tweaking short animations of jay for use as animated ringtones.
DaddyO1000 viewsProject that was started just for fun and then entered into the Image Contest - prolly shouldn't have entered due to the fact that I really didn't change the character that much. Oh well, hope you like it anyway.
Demon Bad guy small.jpg
Bad guy revamped to be used326 viewsFound an old model, striped down, rebuilt it, re-textured it to use for a new purpose.
DEMON ROAR54 copy.jpg
Fully rigged and animated460 viewsFinally finished off the rigging and poses. Taking him out for a test spin, figured I would share. I love this guy, kinda mix between a Bat and a T rex! Can't wait till I animated the movie, it'll be pretty sweet!
Digital Camera889 viewsI was in the mood the work with some metal and reflective textures. I decied a digital camera was a good choice.
Donut Shop Set from WIP "Alien Invasian"876 viewsI'm in to the detail, Some of which will never showup in the final, but I KNOW IT'S THERE
Drill417 views
Droid Starfighter (without colour).PNG
Droid Starfighter WIP1538 views
Droideka with colour.PNG
Droideka1924 views
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