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Sir Nigel4457 viewsI say, I do believe it's Nigel enjoying a good smoke. Jolly good, old chap!
Sir Issac Newton1519 viewsCharacter that's going to be used in a multimedia project about astronomy.
Singing Santa (alternate view 2)1512 viewsshe is my version of Santa Claus and sings Christmas songs with sexy, sultry voice.
Singing Santa (alternate view 1)2199 viewsshe is my version of Santa Claus and sings Christmas songs with sexy, sultry voice.
Singing Santa3292 viewsshe is my version of Santa Claus and sings Christmas songs with sexy, sultry voice.
Simple Mecha1223 viewsHehehe, first upload!
Well it's a simple mecha (didnt take long time to make) and I tried to give it abit of a dark anime look. It's mostly an experiment. The mecha is rigged with bones and the next step is to make this "thing" walk, run and jump.
Showcasing her car1322 viewsCreated as a promotional image for myself, and NEKOSEI productions, this image will be used on the business side web page and on my business cards.
Short project.jpg
Short project "Hollows Eve"281 viewsFinished building the main character and did this scene/light test to see how he looked. I have to build four more characters but they are much simpler and don't require so much detail. the other photo I had was just the head when it was done, which is why it was hidden behind the pumpkin. Now I have him completed in this shot. Hope you like it.
Second chance animation shot 2 copy.jpg
Short animation for portland film fest339 viewsWorking title Second chance. I was given literally a three week notice about the up coming Portland film fest and from scratch threw together a short story which I had to build everything from scratch, animate, composite, edit, compose original score, and Foley. Iíve been working 20 hours a day, including my 12 hour shifts at Intel. I have never pushed nor worked this hard in my life and I really love how it turned out. Its amazing what you can learn under the pressure of a dead line.
Shopping327 views
ShootOut2038 viewsThis is an old ingame concept video game render I did in 2001... A:M V8.5
shiny bai yu1167 viewsfirst she was toon, then simple shaded, now she's gradient shaded and shiny. next look: plaid!
Shelby GT500 on the road595 views
She's Gone785 viewsDedicated to a lost friend......she commited suicide; this came to me in a dream I had of her.....her fav room.....
Shaggy & sun493 viewsShaggy...
Shag bond pose1.png
Shag bond511 viewsShag bond picture...
Moonlight Set copy.jpg
Sets and characters427 viewsPutting it all together and its rendering wonderfully. However I cannot render any rez past 1080 , I get rendering errors so I'll just stick with 1080
Sentinel posed in walk cycle.583 viewsRendered for texture/lighting test.
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