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Star Wars - Venator Class Ship469 viewsI created this one for a mod game a while back.
venom1860 viewsVENOM
Tribute to Vern's World507 viewsA welcome sign for Vern using two of Hash's notable characters.
Vicky329 views
Vicky681 views
Viknes 8301828 views
Violin Close up385 viewsMy 1st true models that I made myself in late 2006 after having AM for 4 years
Vmix mixer model by aj2.jpg
Concrete Mixer539 viewsA 2005 Mack Mixer Truck.. One like i drive at work. i made the logo too.
All in AM: v12,v13
walk again sh.jpg
image from Victory659 viewsthis is a grab from Victory the animated series. Sentinels walk out of the fog. its the intro scene to these insect like characters.
The Cathedral1452 views
warrior glance.jpg
Final Warrior456 viewsHere is an image of my finally completed, textured, and rigged Alien Warrior.
Wristwatch1723 viewsRerendered the wristwatch
wiskers face0.jpg
The wicked witch996 viewsModel created for TWO.
with build0.jpg
Super Mario Scene525 views:D Yay
Wolverine861 viewsMy January '06 entry the way I wanted it
wristwatch1680 viewsI wanted to make a wristwatch with an touch of retro yet elegant design
WTC And Nigel.jpg
Tower One, World Trade Center1159 viewsThe model is built inside and out, and has a total of 17,000 patches. At the base of the tower stands a six foot tall person which doesnt even make up .4% of the models height. The bronze tinted glass and photon mapping gives the inner building a wonderful orange glow. The outter building is surrounded by 236 columns, all with an alumninum sheeting material.
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