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Tar versus Megalodon.jpg
11083 viewsTAR of Zandoria
Temple inside688 viewsThis is a scene made for my job. Were in the process of making a full length feature film called Absalom.
Terrain test COMP_d.jpg
Desert Lake419 viewsWas a test to see if I could make it.... Water is a fractal sum material set to 100% bump... Used 2 seperate bumpmaps for the textures of the terrian.. Hope you enjoy!
Terrordactyls2357 viewsStereo rendering of Pteranodons
Superhero2453 viewsi've created this model while learning how to build the human form in a:m.
Character from a short film that is STILL in progress...651 views
the big,the bad, and the ugly0.jpg
Predator vs. Alien Queen646 views
The Coke Mill.jpg
The Coke Mill1735 views"The Coke Mill" was finished in 4 days and it demonstrates texturing. It was all done in Animation Master v.11. I made this for the mechanical contest at www.hash.com and I consider it my best piece yet. Getting the rust onto the can was extremely frustrating at first and I had to learn alpha mapping during the making of this so a lot came out of doing this image. [url=http://paulmcgrade.com/www.PaulMcgrade.com[/url]
The Tower of Babel sig 2007.jpg
The Tower of Babel672 viewsThis is my first go at creating a scene with A:M.I have still got a lot to learn but i'm very happy with the end result.
The WarGod.jpg
The WarGod659 views
Don't Feed The Plant!1548 viewsStarted off as an experiment with textures, and evolved into this.
The Encounter1050 viewsMy Demon and Lizardman in a no-holds-barred match! Which one will reign victorious....stay tuned.
The Joker679 viewsCharacter made for the short Batman movie I made. A combination of different versions of the animated character.
The Big Red Blues1981 views
thom en pilares.jpg
thom932 views
Thom in Moria2119 viewsBalrog from Lord of the Rings
Change of Power905 viewsThom reign has gone on long enough!
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