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Short project.jpg
Short project "Hollows Eve"305 viewsFinished building the main character and did this scene/light test to see how he looked. I have to build four more characters but they are much simpler and don't require so much detail. the other photo I had was just the head when it was done, which is why it was hidden behind the pumpkin. Now I have him completed in this shot. Hope you like it.
ShootOut2064 viewsThis is an old ingame concept video game render I did in 2001... A:M V8.5
Silence Of Innocence.jpg
"Silence Of Innocence"3862 viewsI created this scene for a personal project.. Done in Animation Master 8.5
The Last Roses of the Summer1204 views
Sir Nigel4515 viewsI say, I do believe it's Nigel enjoying a good smoke. Jolly good, old chap!
Lazy Guitars470 viewsExperimenting with material and lighting
skiff Test.jpg
Finally at Rest504 views
McLaren2064 viewsagep_tm@hotmail.com
Skull Image2.jpg
700 viewsFirst Model
Slave To Words.jpg
"Slave To Words"1823 viewsI created this still life as a lighting/composition/shading study.. Texures were created / Tweaked in "The Gimp".. A:M V8
Predator Smartdisk511 viewsPredator Weapon Collection: Weapon five, the Smartdisk.
Snailers Rest1312 views
Snow Mountains_Hash.jpg
Snow Mountains462 views
Extreme Winter Fun Line Snowbear446 viewsSnow character for a line of winter toys
Extreme Winter Fun Line SnowDino446 viewsSnow character for a line of winter toys
Extreme Winter Fun Line Snowman380 viewsSnow character for a line of winter toys
so sad0.jpg
End Game1051 viewsWhen life on the streets no longer needs a good, hard working lizardman...
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