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Another variation of the Sierpinsky pyramid790 viewsLight Test
Pirate Gloria679 viewsTrying out Sub Surface Scattering
Predator Cannon508 viewsPredator Weapon Collection: Weapon eight, the Plasma Cannon.
Predator Pistol434 viewsPredator Weapon Collection: Weapon seven, the Plasma Pistol.
PLAY_Bored5410 viewsAn image that I did for PLAY magazine in 2003.
PLAY_Gun3018 viewsAn image that I did for PLAY magazine in 2003.
PLAY_Mocap4622 viewsAn image that I did for PLAY magazine in 2003.
Self portrait496 viewsAfter making a face model of myself I was rather hurried for a body. So I stitched the face to the Evil Purple Model that came with the Software
Poke still.jpg
Poke360 viewsStill figuring out what Im going to do with him but I like his simplicity! Wanted practice with 3d painter as it is pretty difficult and cumbersom so I thought why not beat myself up and add hair. Next thing I know I kind of Like the little guy, created in 3 hours.
Popbot: Cornell and Kitty2429 viewsRadiosity rendered version of Popbot comic from IDW publishing.
The Phantom Of The Cinema498 viewsTHE PHANTOM OF THE CINEMA is an animated short film in which we, the theater audience, get an exclusive look behind the scenes and screens of the cinema. The movie thatís running through the projector suddenly jams and breaks, allowing us to see what happens behind the projection screen when everything is going horribly wrong.
After his award winning film VENT filmmaker Erik van Schaaik presents a new artistic treat that plays with all laws of cinema. 3D done in A:M
Pottery1679 views
Predator598 views
Predalien558 views
pretty woman.jpg
Female Predator (2)778 viewsThe same female predator model, in a different pose.
pretty woman2.jpg
Female Predator779 viewsThis is my female predator model I'm working on, currently in a movie test, in preparation for any movie I'd have her in.
Prisoner of Evil.jpg
Still Life- Prisoner of Evil2066 viewsI created this scene as an inspirational turning point in my life....... The fish represents the old me..... A:M V11.........
Priss_Spiders1656 viewsThis is another image that I made to accompany my demo reel. There are a lot of minor problems with the details in this picture, but it has the overall impact that I was aiming for.
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