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THE TRAIN IS COMING537 viewsthis site is getting pretty thin,i uploaded 1 1/2 year ago and its only 7 pages back
my first model2727 viewsrender with green wall and use magic wand tool selection to put into background
my second model5922 views-Try to make her more human, reduce eye size,reduce face width, longer face (I think I have to reduce head size as well)
-Use photoshop for make up
-Separately render model and background
on the sea2983 viewsnew version of my model in the emerald sea
Teracota moon617 views
Moonlight Set copy.jpg
Sets and characters464 viewsPutting it all together and its rendering wonderfully. However I cannot render any rez past 1080 , I get rendering errors so I'll just stick with 1080
skull cowboy707 viewsI made this guy just for the fun of it
mouse in cage752 viewsthis was a picture i made. the mouse is from the extras cd and the cage i modeled myself
Yet another retro design attempt ;)1111 views
MRange Panarama0.jpg
Snowy Mountains669 viewsI created the material which is all procedural except 1bump map/displacement map for terrain detail.
Mr. Dodo2024 viewsOriginally created for Bryan Michael Stoller for "Miss Cast Away". This version sports feathers made with the beta version of A:M V11
Museum Display1285 views
Mutha Naycha in her Summer Finery1625 viewsWhat happens when you cross Betty White with Bette Midler? You get a ding-y dainty lady with plenty of brazen brooklyn sassy.
my office.jpg
My office2388 views
naked702 views:)
1479 viewsMy entry to the SCI-FI/Fantasy contest. This is a little guy I've worked with in different mediums in the past. Just a little Alien living in a robot body.
navi at sea820 viewsin glorious jigglestereo
Dream Garage July Mechanical contest entry677 views1965 Corvette Convertible waiting for high performance engine
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