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Not quite infinity939 viewsMy dad inspired me with the question: "Can AM do infinite reflections?"
The answer is no. But I worked with the concept and got this neat render.
There is a compleatly reflective surface on the other side of the second arch and another behind the camera.
Inner Thoughts.jpg
"Still Life- Inner Thoughts"1949 viewsThis scene is an expression of my thoughts coming to life. I wanted a very abstract feel and look to the overall scene. I was inspired by Alanis Morissette's song called "Forgiven". A:M V8.5
Invis SSS690 viewsText render on skin with SSS. Armor not textured.

The protagonist character for an upcoming project.
Ipod HD0 small.jpg
I pod shot400 viewsJust wanted to practice building CG models of every day stuff. Happened to see my Ipod sitting in the charger next to my computer and figured what the hay.
ironman.jpg693 views
war of the ironman!544 views
The Junkers J-1000559 viewsA super airliner of the 30's designed by Hugo Junkers. Only reached blueprint stage.
JACK by the SWAMP copy.jpg
JAck by the swamp397 viewsAnother beautiful shot that I wanted to share. Figured it would be nice to look at. The swamp water actually moves as well, using a pose slider, every 10% I would have the mesh move so as you slide from 0-100% the water would ripple. Its kinda cool!
The Invitation2352 viewsThe greatest man and Lord.
Got Java?582 viewsTed always feels better after his cup o' Java...

Java is good for you, brightens up your day, and now comes in flavors that taste like .net/C#, but without the bitter aftertaste of OS dependence. Try some today...
JESSIE529 views
Joe1223 viewsJoe is a character of a large project of me. I dont say too much but he is part of a quite crazy story. When I finished my current work, I will continue to work on him. For more informations see my website under: www.amprojekte.de.vu
jubiel in a crop-top1509 viewsshe's finally found something to wear.
Jupiter Scale855 viewsThis image is one of three. It shows the scale of the planet Jupiter to the other planets in the Sol solar system.
Kayla and collettefinals0.jpg
My sister and her friend with keecat2162 views
KeeKat exercise 1 you_re the Director.jpg
Exercise Completed: (Exercise 1 "You're The Director")672 viewsExercise 1 "You're The Director"
Key chain.jpg
Key chain2349 viewsA radiosity test.
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