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BMW 330ci740 viewsThis was done on my own, just because I like the car. It will be included in the 2008 extras DVD, of which I am very proud.
Hash Man full1628 viewsI like this pose because it shows off the costume and modeling. He's based off of Alex Ross's Super man, though he's evolved into his own form.
Hash Man Punch1413 viewsmy second favorite pose for this guy. The second coming of my Major Innovation character.
Hash Man.1262 viewsA different costume on my Major Innovation character. This was my favorite pose for him. Not sure why.
Coca Cola Fish1361 viewsWHAT? u never saw a fish enjoying a Coca Cola before? u should get out some more!!

all done in HASH Animation Master V11....
hash_card1197 viewsHASH X-MAS CARD
Heaven and Hell preview resize.jpg
Heaven, hell and earth378 viewsCreated by, Hans Moore using Animation Master. This is a strange view of my interpretation of Heaven and Hell and Earth.
Predator Arm Blade447 viewsPredator Weapon Collection: Weapon nine, the Heavy Arm Blade.
Heirloom Roses of Oz1539 views
Face Close Up1990 viewsA test render for UV mapping and v11 Hair
Hihiou Zabimaru0.jpg
Hihiou Zabimaru531 viewsMy model of Renji's BanKai from the anime Bleach. I'm currently working on the renji model.
Homer in my brother_s room.jpg
1505 viewsaarstadstudios@yahoo.com
Horse1536 viewsThis is the horse model we have on eggprops
Hyung Jin and James poster 243.JPG
1022 viewsThis is a poster from the movie i'm making right now, James and Me ^^ where the movie starts.
inocular dominion737 viewsdoing work on a:m for project is realy all i have time for.heres another one i did
IncredibleGuy1528 views
Industry cube compressed 01.jpg
Industry cubes353 viewsCreated with Animation Master
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