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Swashbuckler Character393 viewsExperimenting with the toon shader. I kinda like the effect! Now for a little story...
Boba Fett Wire705 viewsA model that I made for SOTEGA, an Italian based adventure game project. Post in Photoshop.
Rom Pitt1014 views1st Character body for animated short. Fully rigged. Cropped from animation frame for final render screen test.
~more to come!
Boiler room 01.jpg
Boiler room401 viewsCreated by Hans Moore. This is a boiler room, I built using Animation Master.
Bombman.EXE497 viewsCharacter from Megaman Battle Network (MMBN). I could picture the "I'm just a love machine" song going really well with this haha.
borises room.avi
resting in peace489 viewsone off my fisrt workings
Still from Ballet Pour Ma Fille: Driving through a village.1242 viewsM. Ravel is driving his ambulance through the village where a little girl lives, who he will soon meet. She changes his outlook on life. She's in the window of her home if you look carefully.
brad last90.jpg
Achillies1410 views
1995 viewsUrl Text
Foggy Bridge530 viewsThis was an attempt at doing an idea as quickly as possible. The entire project has around 6 hours of work, not counting rendering.
violin419 viewsMy 1st attempt @ making a violin. I was not ecanomical with the patch count untill I completed the model. To get all the fine detail I had to as many patches as I could.
Brown Recluse Spider453 viewsThis one I created for my brother who owns a pest control company...
Brownstone Apartment528 viewsThis is an elaborate model of a brownstone apartment I made for a project where I plan to animate trees magically growing along the row of apartments as a young girl and her brother plant seeds along the street. I used SkyCast (from ArtBox Animation) for the lighting.
Beantown Project CD Cover824 viewsCD art for an amazing local funk/jazz group's debut album. The 800 individual knobs were laid in with a script, churning through an ASCII art version of the lettering and replacing the characters alternately with black and orange knobs in one large action file. Each knob has an A:M expression rotating it randomly between 0 and 10. (But not 11...) Several passes were rendered from different angles, and combined in Photoshop.
x79 Bunker846 viewsI created this scene a few years ago for a video game intro / Level.....Textured, modeled and rendered in A:M V8...
Camaro SS625 viewsBird View
Camaro SS483 viewsFront view
Ford Camaro SS Wireframe580 views
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