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Ready, set, GO!1187 views
ravager close.jpg
Ravager Close-up453 viewsThis is a close-up of my Ravager model, with hardly any light, it brings in the creepiness.
rake with shed382 viewsa rake on the side with a shed and a fence
rake464 viewsthis is a rake. its very nice rake
raccoon left0.jpg
Raccoon side view273 viewsThis is a computer animated model of a raccoon done for a customer a while back. This is only a sample of some of the work that my company, Robobill Animations, can provide. My
e-mail is robobill@sbcglobal.net.
puuliiteri450 views
Pumps250 viewsThis one...
Oh how I got sucked into Second Life! Theses shoes were to be one of my wares I was to sell in there. I ran into problems, and had to leave that place. Theses pumps are all that are left...kind of like a souvenir.
Product Shot for my COSMOS Magic DVD1305 views
Priss_Spiders1538 viewsThis is another image that I made to accompany my demo reel. There are a lot of minor problems with the details in this picture, but it has the overall impact that I was aiming for.
Priss_Holding_Helmet4094 viewsI'm remaking the Bubblegum Crisis into a 3D animation, as a hobby.
Priss Hard Suit3255 viewsI am remaking the Bubblegum Crisis into 3D, as a hobby.
the big,the bad, and the ugly0.jpg
Predator vs. Alien Queen547 views
Predator Stardisk363 viewsPredator Weapon Collection: Weapon ten, the Six Bladed Stardisk.
Predator Spear: Glaive408 viewsPredator Weapon Collection: Weapon three, the Predator Plasma Glaive.
Predator Smartdisk395 viewsPredator Weapon Collection: Weapon five, the Smartdisk.
Predator Remote Bomb412 viewsPredator Weapon Collection: Weapon six, the Bladed Remote Bomb.
Predator Pistol355 viewsPredator Weapon Collection: Weapon seven, the Plasma Pistol.
Predator Gun416 viewsPredator Weapon Collection: Weapon twelve, the Speargun.
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