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Rom Pitt998 views1st Character body for animated short. Fully rigged. Cropped from animation frame for final render screen test.
~more to come!
Rom Character: Updated Final Pose653 viewsCloth is Simcloth. Using decals, materials, dark trees and skycast.
Rom1468 viewsEarth Federation of Planets fighter pilot. This is the finished model. I will be adding a few hardware devices to his arm, because in this future, people have computers either attached to their clothing or around their wrists and arms or even ankles and legs.
Thanks Martin and all the programmers & employees at HASH, Inc! This one is 4 u.
Rockin electro desk0.jpg
rockin' with guitar301 views
Robots1358 viewsFor further informations see my website under:
Robots1262 viewsFor further informations visit my website:
Roach Hotel1376 viewsBackdrop for the Roach Hotel Productions logo animation. A Jordan DeNoce company. Created my Sonic84
Cross Submission.jpg
RF Online Promotional Poster407 viewsToon contest entre for May
Retro Jett783 views
borises room.avi
resting in peace472 viewsone off my fisrt workings
Timelapse_AOtest720C_2 assemble (
Residential Pool Timelapse Frame293 viewsThis is a frame from the final composited version of a timelapse animation of my Residential Lap Pool scene. I used Adobe After FX for the SSAO, color correction, DOF, grain, and vignette. The animation was rendered out of A:M into OpenEXR sequences so I could apply such post work.

The lighting was simple, just 1 sun, 3 bulbs for the interior fixtures, and global ambience. Each frame at 720p rendered at about 30 minutes each.
Residential Lap Pool 2625 viewsThis is yet another architectural sketch of mine. Loosely inspired by my last one. I used the pool model from the last one as well. Radiosity for the light, 100,000 photons and 2,000 sample size.
(Office Card) Pool Tests A_1.jpg
Residential Lap Pool1192 viewsI created this scene initially as archviz practice. I was inspired so by the short, The Third and the Seventh. Everything was done in A:M. Lighting was a mix of AO and a single Sun light.
replicant1808 viewsREPLICANT
Refkection Test 2338 viewsTesting out reflections from different surfaces. A:M v13
Red Son Batman663 viewsBatman as he may appear fighting Communist Russain Superman
Red Hot Rose3953 viewsDesert Rose playing Red-Hot Riding Hood.

I think every animator and their brother has worked the Preston Blair Strut In-between exercise, so I thought I'd go ahead and get in out of my system. So, I grabbed my goofing around test model, Desert Rose, and started in.

Three weeks later....
Recovery: calm seas432 viewsAnother view of the same scene taken at the water line. Done in Animation master with skins in Photoshop.
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