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Additional Rendernodes


How to get more rendernodes (read carefully)

To add additional rendernodes you have to do the following:
  1. Go to the Hash Store and buy any amount of rendernodes.
    All rendernodes in this order will be assigned to the licence defined by the activation code.
  2. You will be provided with an order number. You will need the order number, your e-mail-address used for the order and your activation-code for A:M.
  3. If you didn't do till now, install Animation:Master and activate it using your activation code.
  4. Rename the file "master0.lic" in your A:M installation folder next to the "master.exe" / "master64.exe"-file to "master0.bak".
  5. Input the order number for the additional rendernodes, the activation-code and your e-mail-address used for the rendernodes order in the form on the right. Then click ONE TIME on "Create licence-file!".
  6. The form will provide you with an ONE-TIME download-link of the licence-file.
    Download it now!
  7. Copy the recently downloaded "master0.lic"-file into the A:M installation folder.
  8. Enjoy Animation:Master and Netrender!
If something went wrong, please contact us directly.

Activate your rendernodes

Order-nr (*):
Activition-code (*):
E-Mail (*):
Create licence-file! (only click once)

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