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Full Version: Error #010
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Sean delgatto
The scene isnt complex or involve too much movement, no multiple passes, nor particles. Just an empty room with a single light source, yet I get this error 010. If its taking too much memory 2gigs, im wondering then why it only takes 3 minutes a frame to render.

not sure why the program gives terms like exception error when it doesnt describe what the actual issue is.
I see you're on A:M 2006 would that be v13 about? Messages like that were quite an improvement over the previous tendency to just disappear when an error happened. smile.gif

I haven't seen something like that in a long time so it's possible it's a fixed bug since then or the error message has been improved.

However, for your situation... If you restart the render on that frame does it still crash? How about the frames after it?

If it does, what i do is eliminate things one at a time until the frame will render then I know what the problem element is and see if there's some change that can be made to it get through it.
Sean delgatto
I ended up turning off motion blur and just had to deal with it. Sucks but at least Im getting the shot done, I have completed 35 shots and still have 200 more to go and dont have a lot of experimenting time lol.

But I will see if I can upgrade once this project is done.
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