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Hi All,

This is some setdesign I created thus far in order to bring some of my 2d comicbook creations to a 3d live for use in movies and games.

At the same time, I am experimenting, if e-books from the kindle store could be a possible way for distribution of my comicbooks with
these characters. The hardcopy version I tried from lulu gets way too expensive.

You can see both and some more pictures at my website related to this topic:


Has anybody else here tried e-books for comics yet?

cheers Jake

Great style !
it wil be interesting to see how you translate this for 3d

as far as ebooks and the like
I have books on Amazon and a kindle and your right to expensive
I think I've sold 3

However I made the book into an iapp and it sold immediately smile.gif
so I would say digital publishing is the way to go.
On that note. I do have mixed feelings about digital comics books given a choice I would prefer
the actual book for collecting (it's so nice to have the actual comic in ones hands it's all about the art)

But things being the way the are the digital world is the way to go
So I'll see if I can play your book on my ipad
I'll let you know
Thank you!

>However I made the book into an iapp and it sold immediately

<A pity that I don`t have a Mac to try that.....
Nice, I like the look
cool, and interesting.
Well I got your book on the iPad using the kindle for iPad app
However tHe the text was difficult to read
The transfir process was not very crisp
But I did injoy it
Yes, the style is VERY cool. Excellent modeling.
Thank you all!

>Well I got your book on the iPad using the kindle for iPad app
However tHe the text was difficult to read
The transfir process was not very crisp
But I did injoy it

<Glad to hear that
I did the book with Mobipocket creator (free), that compressed all my quite good jpgs to about 50 KB filesizes,
which is not optimal for the typo. It would be good to have the possibity to zoom in for comicbooks.

You could read it in fullcolor though? What do you mean by "transfer process" the download from the kindlestore?

Maybe they will develop the e-book for special e-comicbooks further to better standards in the future.

I thought maybe it was the way you made the ebook (the page size is small for the ipad)
and I can zoom in but the text is still unreadable (mostly the villain dialogue unreadable )
>I thought maybe it was the way you made the ebook (the page size is small for the ipad)

<You mean, it doesn`t fill the screen?
Maybe Mobipocket creator creates automatically for the standard kindlesize like 7" I guess and i-pad has 10".....

For the villain I used a different font to underline his evil character.
I could change that to the other font.

Seems all this is still in it`s infancies.

The solutions that come to my mind are:

-change the page-layout to newspaper strip or one picture per frame, which would ruin the overall page layout though.

-in the longer run ask amazon to make it possible somehow to have the pictures and the text in the speechbubbles on different
layers for different resolutions.

All in one I think the kindleamazonstore is still a great opportunity for us contentcreators
and the more competitors there are like applestore, androidstore etc. the better.

As the competition will lead to better conditions for us.

MAYBE it would be a good idea to make some picture-e-books with TWO and SO content?!

Easy to do and could help to spread the word.
Hey jake
here's a screen shot from the kindle on my desktop
your page should fit to fill the screen but it does not
so thats how it looks on the ipad all that white and smaller
you have to expand it to read it ( i would guess it is even smaller on a kindle )
image size for iapd should be 1536 2048 pixels jpg

and yes TOO and SO would make excellent ebooks / mobile device things

I made a "quick" fly through.....(16 hours rendertime)
Looks great so far, Jost!
Looks cool Jost!

Did you notice the floating car to the right of the building?

>Did you notice the floating car to the right of the building?

<It`s the evil Magus`s Magomobile and since he is a magican his car naturally can fly...
nice car! nice fly thru!
amazing models !!!!! really great cars design !!!! I love them
This is some really cool stuff, jake! Love the car!
John Bigboote
Yeah... dig the car... WHEN do we get to see the girl?

I don't know if they made much, but they did a web comic format with flash bits of animation inside some of the 2D page layout. Keep some thing as still shot while animate the cool action clip. The economy of telling a story with a small crew working on it?
This is cool.

Jost, if I may ask - what procedure did you have to go through to self-publish via Kindle? It might be a way of funding my film, the book is already written I just need to clean the illustrations up and make things more or less presentable.
Hi Roger,

This is very easy.
You have to have an amazon account, which I believe many of us already have.
Then you go to your bookself at kdp kindledirect publishing, where you can upload
your own books to the pulbic or just for you.
I created mine with the free Mobi pocket creator by just doing a photoalbum.

The quality though is not very good due to high compression rate of the jpg.
(and that`s done automatically)
So the wording gets difficult to read.
I think ,you can get better results by creating html pages and convert them to e-pub.
This format is also obligatory for the apple store, so one more reason to create one.
(If you don`t own a Mac you can reach the applestore by way of LuLu)

The problem is, there is no template for comicbooks yet, so I am also quite lost for the time being
in achieving satisfying results.

Guess we have to check forums for e-book comicbooks and the like.

What I found so far:

There is the free converter calibre, that can convert comicbookzips (cbz) into e-pub
I will experiment with that one next> Just zip your comicpages (jpg), rename the zipfile to cbz
and then let calibre convert to e-pub

Do you need a comicbook also,by the way?

Please keep me up to date, what you find out ont his topic...
for kindle book publication i used

for a comic book iapp you can use there is a small fee but the templates are all ready made
and the product is very good easy to do and (you can add a music track if you want)
bcest app for comic book apps
pages should be 1069 1536 pixels
you will also need a apple developer license

you can also use pages (mac ) for an ebook

Hi jimd,

Thank you for the very interesting info.
I will investigate this.

What is the best resolution for kindle (Jutoh)

As for Apple, I doubt, that I could get an developer license with my content...

But I guess I can live without a developer license, if using Lulu maybe
I would need a free isbn from Lulu then.

Is this comicpage your work?

(sigh, a pity I prepared all in 768x1024 now, well back to the drawingboard)
Hi John,

here are the ladies under development for the time being...
John Bigboote
BIG FUN! Those are some healthy dames... great vehicles and set too. This is gonna be cool!
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