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Full Version: Nieuport 17
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Hi, Everyone,

This is my first serious attempt at modeling something other than a deck of playing cards. Any suggestions are welcome.

Click to view attachment
Click to view attachment
Looks great to me!
Is this going to get animated?
Thanks. Yes, I'm going to try to model Albert Ball, whose plane this was.
that looks nice!

What do the white marks on the struts signify?

The wings look a bit flattish. Are they really that thin?
I think they're simply metal supports. I also think they're a bit flat. I'll probably change the image to show corroded metal (like the machine gun) to make it look less conspicuous.

Also, anyone have suggestions for weathering? Is it done in the program or do I need to get AM Paint?
Looking very good. I can almost hear the engine running! smile.gif
A:M used to have a weatheringfunction once upon a time, when I started, 8.5 it was a decade ago,
that was dropped sometime, so I guess A:M paint would be the best way to go.

Nice plane.

Did you use blueprints as rotoscopes?
Yes, I found some blueprints, but they were very cluttered. I only used those for the wings.
QUOTE(LTDigital @ Dec 6 2011, 09:01 AM) *
Yes, I found some blueprints, but they were very cluttered. I only used those for the wings.

< Have you looked at "

theres some good blueprint and also sideview image of a N 17 there....

you are very close, some minor details, seems your nose is slightly too round for instance.

ehhr...I mean your planes nose naturally.
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