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Full Version: Rear Window collaboration
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Over in this response, I discussed the possibility of people collaborating in pairs on the Rear Window project. Reply here if you have any ideas about what it would take to be able to successfully collaborate with someone, and if you would be interested in collaborating with another A:M user on a Rear Window short. (That would not prevent you from doing one separately if you so desired.)

Remember that there are some collaboration tools like Skype for video chat and desktop sharing, SVN and GIT and Mercurial for sharing revisions. You could also share a WIP forum post to coordinate. Are there any other tools that would help?
I suppose one person could do audio and another could do the animation. That might be the simplest form of collaboration.
Obviously two heads and hands are better than one ....and that said there are a number of things/ways to collaborate. Somethings lend themselves better to teamwork.
certainly skype can help ---if time zones are ok. You can share the desktops and look at what you want to discuss. even work together I suppose on skype going back and forth with desktop views.
Rendering can be shared. If one party has excess capacity etc. Not sure such an issue on a small project...but certainly on a bigger one.
Then there is the ultimate advantage of leveraging two folks talents to use what one does better than the other as it where ....that might be the biggest single advantage for any collaboration efforts.
Thanks for your replies, Robcat and Vertexspline!

In addition to Sound/Animating, if a pair/group is creating new models, that can be split by model (each person takes on different models) or by splining, rigging, and texturing.
QUOTE(Vertexspline @ Nov 16 2011, 05:29 PM) *
Rendering can be shared. If one party has excess capacity etc. Not sure such an issue on a small project...but certainly on a bigger one.

When working to the end of a deadline, the end-of-project is where the sharing of rendering can really help! I remember during Bus Stop being really nervous about being able to get things rendered (NetRender on v16 Beta helped a lot).

If anyone is interested, I am in the US/Canada MST timezone. I have time on Saturday and Sunday during the days, and on Tuesday and Thursday evenings (and sometimes Monday evenings). I'd like to spend minimally 2 hrs twice per week working together over Skype. I'm sure there will be times where we work together for a while and then split. If you are interested, send email to mouse at intranet dot org.
well when ever this gets settled im willing to work with someone. just contact me thru the email link in my signature.
im pretty good with audio recording and creating sound effects. my video editing are at par as well. my animation skills
are meh so so at best.
I'd be willing to pair up. Modeling would be my primary skill set so hit me up if you'd like to work together.
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