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Full Version: Ladies & Gentlemen!...(Fanfare & Drumroll)
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The latest Spleengene Animations production. Enjoy, please!

"Party Till We Get It Right"

do I hear crickets?
I liked it a lot, guys! Great song...loved the guitars. I thought the dynamic constraints on the chest were great. The only thing that kind of bothered me was the tapping of the toes...I think you should have rocked the entire foot from the heel on all of them.

Great job!
Great job to the both of you!

Thanks Guys,

This makes our tenth collaboration together.

I know Pixar is not shakin in their boots, but not bad for a couple of guys who knew nothing about animation and met on this forum just 2 1/2 years ago.

We couldn't have gotten this far if it hadn't been for all the help we've received from ALL of you generous people here on the forum.

We are just two of the guys that Martin's vision was aimed at with the creation of this software.

And it is SO MUCH freakin fun! biggrin.gif
Paul Forwood
Woohoo! Another one for the collection and still improving.
Great work, guys! smile.gif
Walter Baker
That was freeeeeekin cool, loved it guys.
Loved all the transitions and overlays, girl is hot, and the drummer has got his pimpin goin on!
Great job
I think u got it right!
Another winner, Myron/Gene!

Thanks everyone!
Hey great job guys !! Always entertaining and fun. Had a few extra nice guitar spots I thought in this one but as always really cool. Your productivity is amazing too seems like there is a new one to see before you know it.
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