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Full Version: Minor milestone
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This will be my first actual animation contribution to one of our Spleengene videos. Before it has always been "non-camera" stuff.

The song references numerous local Portland-Vancouver venues and bands.

BACK STORY: A local band that I wanted to promote but couldn't work into the song is the Mike Branch Band. A few months ago on Face Book he posted this picture of his logo as a "tattoo" and someone complained and he was asked to take it down. A later attempt ended with the same result. It was taken with good humor and became a running gag amongst those in the know.
I think Mike will like that!
thanks, Holmes, he does.

this is the clip that is in the video, I'm redoing it for mike to use for his own purposes..

there are so many animation mistakes in that clip it's hard to count, but I'll tweak it and refine it. gonna stretch it out a bit too, I think the moves will be a lot "sexier" if it is all slowed down just a tad.

Despite all the mistakes, I'm still happy with the clip. It works.
Congrats Myron smile.gif
not bad. The camera work is not very realistic. I recommend the smoothing out those splines
Congratulations on your first step to animation!

(I looked at that thumbnail image at the top and thought that was a zipper)
(I looked at that thumbnail image at the top and thought that was a zipper)

Yes indeedy. I did too. biggrin.gif
John Bigboote
LOVE IT! That is one of Steve Millington's models, right? I plan to put her thru my hair process soon, too. My only recommendation would be to smooth-out the camera zooms... and put something in the back area behind her- even if you put some lights back there with lens-flares... would make it seem more 'glitzy'.

A trick I do for easy lens flares (not saying its hard in A:M tho... A:M is an incredible lens-flare generator... better than Knolls) Is to make a new image in Photoshop filled with pure black, and use the lens-flare filter on that... save it as a jpeg/tga and import it to A:M... put it in your chor as a layer with flat shading.)

I hope Mike Branch likes this!
Walter Baker
I like it, works for me.
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