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Full Version: Strange behavior with a rigged model
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I've got this rigged character for my music video. When I put him in a chor I can enter skeletal mode and move his bones around. but once I deselect him, work on other models and go back to him, when I enter skeletal mode I can no longer activate, see or select his bones.

I feel like I've seen this before not long ago but I'm stumped by it. Tested in v15 and the latest v16, on a pc. When I get home I'll test on a Mac, but any advice is welcome!
You have seen it before. I believe there might be a pose/relationship that has the model bone in it with keys? delete it from the pose.
As Nancy said, you do indeed have the model bone toggled in one of your poses (FK/IK switches are my usual culprit). Delete it from the relationship and you should be good to go!
thanks for the replies. It did indeed turn out to be a key on a model bone, discovered with a little help from Holmes.

But what's the deal with having a key on the model bone messing things up like this? Is is a bug? A feature? Cautionary tale? Metaphor? Life lesson? Other? None of the above?
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