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Full Version: Just A Wooden Sword
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In this next clip, i use smoke and steak material together trying to simulate the fairy dust. your thoughts, ideas are welcome smile.gif
I think you're close on the fairy dust. Maybe it needs more viscosity or less gravity so it doesn't drop so fast like water or sparks. You just want it to settle like dust.

i like the glowing fairy effect!
That looked great!
i have tried several setting in the smoke material, turning viscosity up, i could not find the gravity, so i turned off the force. I was able to get a bit of the dust to drag on the ground. I'll play around with it. thank you robcat
Thank you Spleen
Gravity is a global setting in the chor properties
i can't find the Gravity, i think t's hiding! sad.gif
you said it is in global setting in the choreography properties.
I'm definitely missing something, but it would be great to know.
I've looked in choreography properties of the choreography I'm working on.
Then i tried Tools + option+ choreography Global.
I'm i in at least the right area?
appreciate your help, Thanks robcat
robcat2075's also known as the -100% Y force under dynamics smile.gif

I believe particle emitters also have a "force" which if set to +100% will counteract the -100% of the chor.
found that, Thank you again robcat. i'll try some new renders
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