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The Special Topics forum was created by Martin Hash to promote the Art of Animation:Master.
While all topics posted in the Special Topics / Work in Progress forum are special topics, some distinguish themselves by highlighting creative effort, spotlighting innovative characters, stories and animation and thoroughly demonstrating the capabilities of Animation:Master. These are truly special Special Topics.

I am pleased to announce the receipt (via email) of three new nominations for a new round of 2011 special topics.

...and the current nominees are:

William Sutton, "Tar of Zandoria"
Tore Bahnson, "Frank Kafka"
Steve Shelton, "Cupid's Sick Day"

Special Recognition for Artistry and Technical Achievement: Paul Forwood, "Paul's Playground"

<insert standing ovation with applause>

Disclaimer: All rights and restrictions apply, creators are all powerful and Animation:Master will never die (unlike humans who do expire, it's a freakin' computer program so (in theory) it cannot die!). The creator or team leader of a Special Topic is generally empowered as topic moderator to better facilitate the organization of said project and with great power comes some associated responsibility. Where personal or work schedules or interest will not allow, nominees are free to table their special topic for another time or place it in state of hiatus and bring it back at another time. Creators may in fact, deed and effect create topics of special interest to the A:M Community at a later time and put that online! Also... it should go without saying but why not... the Hash Boys will want to to display your images and animation while on the road so if you don't tell them you don't want that to happen specifically how are will they know that? Osmossis? You don't really need to read this last line.

Here is a sampling of the current banners.
If anyone wants to create their own banner the preferred size (for now at least) is 700x100.
Awesome choices!!!!!!!
Top shelf every one of them!
That's awesome! I can't wait to see the new forums!
That's awesome! I can't wait to see the new

Me too!

It should be noted, these creators/subjects were identified as candidates for special topics because someone thought enough of them to take the time to say so. There is no pressure on any of the creators to create these special topics however.

It's important the creators actually want to have a special topic forum. Some are content simply to keep their topics in the WIP forum and periodically update those. After creation of a special topic there is a underlying need to periodically update the topic or it will eventually be archived. No pressure there either, that's just the way special topics work.

The reason you see Steve Shelton's special topic live already is that he's expressed interest in it also.

I don't think Paul is able to maintain a special topic at this point. I hope he'll feel up to it in the near future. When he's ready all he has to do is say the word.

Zandoria should have been a special topic a long time ago. Give me a few days and it'll be ready to move into.

Stand by a moment, one special topic coming up!
Special topic is fine with me...2011 looks like the year of TAR !!!! wink.gif
Special topic is fine with me...2011 looks like the year of TAR !!!!


The warpal tunnel to the Land of Zandoria is set to open any minute now.
Rodney- thanks for the nudge! I am way behind with getting new content up for "Nightcallers", between being slammed at work from October through Jan. and then ramping up work on my music vid it has fallen between the cracks, but I'm always thinking about it. Time to get some new tests posted!
And as much as I and its creator don't want to admit it, ELZ is dead and has been for some time. Though we've toyed with different ideas (including recently saying that we'll put some money into it so that people would animate and model and whatnot) I don't think it'll ultimately work, the project is simply too large and neither of us could afford to pay what it would actually cost to produce said feature film.

So basically, you can archive it or whatever it is you do with dead boards
Guys, (and Gals),

There is one realization that dawned on me pretty quickly as I've contemplate the organization and/or archiving of special topics; as long as the creator is highly active in the A:M Community there is little reason to archive a special topic. It's understandable that some topics will occasionally gather some dust but there will always be something really special about these special topics.

Keeping a special topic up to date isn't a requirement but it most definitely is insurance against the inevitable archival process. wink.gif

Where possible it may be best to title your special project in such a way as to allow for changes of interest and projects.

So basically, you can archive it or whatever it is you do with dead boards

Thanks Chris. I sure wish I knew where special topics go after they die. That'd make this archival thing an easier process.

Your special topic is something of an examplar of archival topics. It has been a very fun and inspirational project. While you may not have created a feature film right there in front of us, it will remain a great example of what someone can achieve when they put effort and heart into a project.

If your special topic is archived and you decide to return to said topic, simply drop me a note and to the best of my ability and capability, and where not prohibited by common sense, fiat, exception or law, it shall herefortuitously and henceforthussly be resurrected and take on again the form and function of an active special topic. smile.gif

You may not see this now but archived special topics retain their special status and will, in theory if not in practice, enter into the everreal eternal pantheon of legendary community projects known as 'cool stuff'.

As always, thanks for sharing your inspiration with us.
Wow..that was almost inspirational! Ha ha, but sure, if something bizarre ever happens that the project suddenly gets air under its wings, I'll let you know in a heartbeat...or maybe a few heartbeats, depends on how fast I can type tongue.gif
Paul Forwood
I feel honoured! smile.gif
Go ahead and use my stuff for promotional purposes.
As Rodney has said, I am not really able to maintain a special topic at the moment, due to health problems and limited access to the internet. If I can get my pain under control I would enjoy the distraction however so don't write me off just yet.wink.gif
Thanks for the offer! smile.gif
Thanks Paul,

We'll most definitely hold your reservation.

Your topic is the ultimate Work In Progress Demonstration topic as you've demo'd such a wide array of models, characters, styles, effects... the list goes on and on. Combine that with all the various methods and techniques you've incorporated into your work over the years and we begin to get a glimpse of the extent of the quality and quantity you've put into your projects. If I was half as talented with A:M as you are... I'd be awesome! smile.gif

Without knowing the specifics of your current situation I'm hopelessly lost to offer suggestions. I do hope that you'll be able to do some doodling, sketching or drawing. That'd keep the creative juices flowing as you enjoy a good break away from the computer.

Take good care of yourself and keep in touch!
Presenting... the first iteration of the Special Topic banners.

We'll have to devise a reliable way for the topic owner to update their own banner.
As of this moment if you want to update the banner you can email it to me or just add the image to a post in your topic and I'll link it in.

Special Topics Forum
Hey, I dig the banners, Rodney! Very cool way to see a preview of the topic!
Though I'd be inclined to them being somewhat smaller, but otherwise, way cool, love being able to see a little preview right off the bat
Though I'd be inclined to them being somewhat smaller,
but otherwise, way cool, love being able to see a little preview right off the

For what it's worth, I agree. I was about to ask that question.
I'd guess they will get progressively smaller but more functional. There are a lot of options out there but we'll reserve those for now.
For now it's a jumping off point and we want to give those who take the time to update these topics a place for their artwork.
Forum text is cool and small images optimal but after all this is the Animation:Master forum! smile.gif

Most who frequent the forum will probably go directly to the new posts, bypass that level and not even see the banners.
But hopefully it'll help direct some users to their favorite topics.

Edit: I've got an idea that should serve everyone and maintain smaller banners.
Thanks for the feedback!
can any special topic have a banner?
The banners are cool Rodney!
can any special topic have a banner?

I'm not sure I understand the question so I'll say, "Yes" and plan to secretly adjust fire from there.

I think you are talking about topics versus forums and in that case technically... No... topics cannot have these kind of banners.
The term Special 'Topics' is something of a misnomer. The banners are coded in IPB Portal for 'forums' and 'subforums' only.
So these are 'Special Forums' but for now we'll stick with calling them 'Special Topics'.

Can you be a little more specific?
We have a lot of options available to us and where there is a will there is generally a way.
Thumbs up!!! Me like!
Thumbs up!!! Me like!

I appreciate your feedback into the size of the banners.
Huge is rarely a good idea.

At this point the banners on the second tier may be unnecessarily redundant.
We'll examine our options there but for now they are placekeepers.

Returning to Gene's question for a moment:

can any special topic have a banner?

There are some options available within the Special Topics that aren't available elsewhere.
We'll explore those together.
Oh, wow! Rodney, everything looks great. Thanks for the updates and banners. Sweeett! Still making headway with Episode 10 and website updates this week. smile.gif
Thanks Ernest.

I think I'm done breaking things for now.
wonderful banners Rodney! smile.gif
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