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Full Version: Record a commentary track!
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After you finish your animation, record an audio commentary to go with it! You can explain or expand on any relevant detail about how or why or what you did what you did.

Make it the same length as your animation and submit it as a separate mono wav, 44.1KHz and I'll try to edit them all together as a DVD track.

It's not mandatory but it's a fun extra you might enjoy doing.

Start with your name, something like...

"I'm John Doe and I..."


"This is John Doe. My animation is about..."

y'know, with a 10 second animation, their name is probably about all that they'll get in
Watch the clock for 10 seconds and see if that' s all you could really get out.
i have done a fair bit of timing and dialogue, so yes, I know you can get more than your name out, I'm just stating it's not going to be very in depth. Especially if you get to describing how you did something.
You could always do a full blown commentary having those who wish to participate in the commentary get together on the internet and record a commentary through the whole video. That way all the intros and things would be done at the beginning and everyone could discuss about how the whole project came together, what their contribution was etc
A reminder to those of you who think you're already done... record that commentary track! It will be fun!
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