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Full Version: Just a Wooden Sword
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Hello. Still working on Dreadwood swamp scenes,and now the Elderwood Fairies have joined in the muck. your thoughts are always needed
I like the glowing faeries ... and I really admire you for plugging away and having a story to tell

Are the glowing faeries supposed to loose their glow so abruptly? That was a little confusing. That looked like a blip in rendering, rather than on purpose? Maybe gradually decrease/increase glow, if on purpose

First (2nd, 3rd) time thru, I didn't realize, despite the dialog, that the branch grew into a log because of poor contrast in the log and mucky water. Pehaps change color a little on branch so it is more obvious?

When the other guys came in, they walked on the water. Should they be walking on the log?

Keep on keepin on!
Please hurry up and finish it. I really can't wait to see it all completed. I like your style of animation. Your characters and the colors of your scenery.
Another great sequence Kat. Very nice!

Nancy hit the areas I'd focus on (the on/off of the fairie glow and Mac Flin walking on air instead of the log).

You are getting really really good at this.
Your fairies look great!
yeah, I'm diffently fixing Mac (leprechaun walking on water, or any of them, not a good thing. wink.gif

In my mind the fairies are able to blink their light on and off at will, like the fire fly, It's part of their ability.
And the reason why witch Lena has captured fairies, trying to steal thier bright light, (which at that time I made them only marginally brighter, I have to go back and make the fairy brighter)
Another thing was as i started animating the fairies from any distance, they could not be seen because of their size. there for the glow.
The branch has been a pain because it started out small the textured became so washed out as it grew, yes it needs to stand out. Thanks Nancy smile.gif
thank you smile.gif ptiversen
pretty bad when i can't tell land from mud biggrin.gif will fix
thanks Rodney
Thank so much Spleen smile.gif
that's coming along nicely, Kat!
thank you Gerry smile.gif
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