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Hello all.
I've been editing all the movie into to one, In some places, adding more video and taking out where not needed. and learning Adobe Premiera 07.
Dreadwoods is the next place the elves have to go through on their journey to find Thier missing companions. thanks for watching
Looks real good ,you must have some prety vivid dreams lol,good job putting it together.I triede premier but never did get the hang of it
Wonderful job!
Neat stuff, Katt! The "ghost" effect was very successful!
Thanks Steve, i know what you mean, my other editing program was a breeze compared to this one, but, it's no longer compaTtable with win 7
Thank you Spleen.
Thank you largento
You are doing a great job, I like your characters too.
Thank you ptiversen. Glad your watching
I really like the tree models a lot, and your material for bark looks great.

But, are these finished shots or storyboards? I'm confused...
Thank you Rampage0007' for your comment. These QuickTime clips, will be edited in a editing program.

I see. I like the concept a lot, and I am anxious to see more.

If, however, I may make a small suggestion/critique...

Have you considered recording real people acting out your scenes, and then creating your actions based on the timing/movements from the recording. I say this because it makes such a huge difference having them move a bit more realistically. A lot of the characters movements/actions are choppy or fast, and because our eyes are so used to seeing humanoids move, our brains automatically zero in on humanoid character moving in ways they should not. I think if you tried you would absolutely LOVE the difference it would make.

I am making a short film in A:M myself, and the difference was night and day timing out actions in my head versus creating them based on actual human movements.
Yes, the animation is a bit surrealistic, but... you're making a movie!

I think about making a movie; you're actually doing it.

I agree with Largento, the ghost stuff worked real well.

I'll look forward to seeing the whole film when it's done. Hope I haven't seen any spoilers!

Most of the recordings were done years ago.
I'm trying to get the timing better, especially after watching " How to train your dragon"
what a movie, and what a visually learning tool. Love to see your movie, maybe you can share some of it.
Thanks again Rampage0007
There is so many things that i would like to change, but now I'm moving forward in the movie, maybe by the time i have finished, I'll be better able to go back and change things.
It would be great to have a whole team of animators. And it would be helpful if other animators would post their movies, that too, is a great way of learning.
Thank you robcat, for your encouraging
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