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Full Version: Episode 9 Out!!!
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I am proud to announce the next episode of Subject 99 - Episode 9. Whew!!

It took a bit longer to finish up this episode. You know, life gets in the way. tongue.gif I have a few tweaks that I want to correct after watching it with my focus group (aka roommates). But, I am pleased with the overall episode and the continuing of the story. Feel free to leave feedback as well.

Now it's time to work on a new series. But, Subject 99 will continue. This episode finishes up the Season One kind of catalog of episodes. I'll have to spend some time to write the next episodes and see what I can add for excitement.

A big shout of thanks goes out to Martin and the Hash team. When you are in production, and have software that is dependable and easy to work with, it's certainly a huge blessing.

Well, it's late now, time for bed and having to get ready to go to the job that pays the bills. hehe

Please visit and tell all your friends.

Oh yeah! Another episode!
But.. DRAT! More mystery and intrique than ever.

Thanks Ernest. I needed that. smile.gif
No problem, Rodney. smile.gif I thought you might need a fix. It's been too long. hehe
Still have no idea what's going on, but I'm enjoying the episodes.
Hey, HomeSlice, I'm glad you're still enjoying the episodes.

The story is quite involved, as there are actually 3 storylines all converging with one another. This project was created for various reasons. One being to challenge myself to write a complex story, with various characters and storylines, and then try to be able to portray that in a movie format. It's one thing to be able to tell a story from a main character's point of view. For example, introduce hero, have hero embark on journey, battles for hero along the way, pivotal point for hero, hero's victory, and conclusion of story. It's quite linear.

For me, I wanted something that I could delve into deeper. Everything isn't as black and white, who is our hero, how to tell a multi-faceted story to an audience, how to edit it, how to etc. All in the framework of periodic episodes.

My next project will be more along the lines of the hero story. Main character, supporting characters and evil doer.
Yep, still liking it! Good work!
Thanks Gerry. Glad you are still enjoying the episodes as well. I'm enjoying making them.

This weekend I have been delving into UV maps and creating Actions from BVH files. Lots of stuff to learn and this community makes it so great to learn from. I should have something this weekend to show on the new front. Maybe I'll post in Works in Progress section. As well, as on my blog.

Happy Animating everyone! smile.gif
It's been quite a while since your last episode. Do you have any plans on coming back to these, or are you still on indefinite hiatus? I found them quite interesting and worthwhile!
hey mouseman,

I'm mulling over my options right now. I'm involved in some music projects and CD's, and video taping, and audio recording music bands and such.

Somethings I'm mulling over are:
1. creating a new series with a more relaistic look to it
2. creating a graphic novel of Subject 99 and others
3. I've got a few movie ideas, and writing scripts
4. I've got a few animated music videos I'm currently doing
5. testing my production workflow, bvh, Zign tracking, UV decals, modeling techniques, physics, etc.

I plan to get back to Subject 99, I would like to continue Subject 99. Luuk's Zign Tracking software is great and helps to aid in the facial / lip sync and I'm converting bvh files to use to aid in animation. I'm testing a different production pipeline to be able to kick out episodes quicker; whether it's Subject 99 or others. I just recently upgraded to A:M 15 and a new Quad core laptop, so I'm trying things I wasn't able to test out on my old system. I'm really into the physics stuff at the moment and want to blow things up. hehe

All in all, I'm continuing the series, but it may look more photorealistic; since, A:M 16 is out and I can render using multiple cores. That would help alot.

I'm not dead, just testing, figuring out new methods, and all that.

Thanks for prompting me to realize that someone out there would like a new episode. smile.gif hehe
Great to hear that, I really like this series. I hope you can find a way to continue!
BTW, do both you and Robcat live in Austin? Have you ever gotten together? Collaborated on something?

[ETA: Sorry, robcat lives down the road a ways.]
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