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Full Version: Largento Passes the Ball
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Okay, here's my first go at it:

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Only thing is that in the beginning - it wasn't totally obvious (to me) that Pirate catches the ball - perhaps - he needs some recoiling action? I had to replay to understand what the connection was between first and 2nd cuts.

BUT I love the final gag - very very funny, clever
Thanks, Nancy!

I see what you're talking about. I'll see what I can do to get that across better.

Ho hum and a bottle of rum, that was awesome fun, well done smile.gif
hehe yea thats good ,I realy like the charactor with the teeth or lack of
Paul Forwood
Looks good, Mark! You could rock the ship around, independent of the camera, and that could be the force which causes the cannon to flip back. Time is just about out though I guess.
Thanks, everybody!

Paul: That's a really good idea, but yeah, that would take a whole lot of time to accomplish. I wonder if it would look too weird if it only happened in that one shot?

I'm playing right now with trying to adjust the colors of the video to see if I can make it look better. I may be overdoing it...

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On the left is the original, on the right is the modified.
love it!
you should do this type of stuff all the time...oh yeah you are now...nice !
Thanks, guys!

True, John!

Hopefully I'll get better at it. I struggled with this one!
nino banano
itīs a great entry Largento...I like so much smile.gif cheers
As usual, excellence abounds in skillful hands.
There's really only one thing to say: AAArrrrrhhhhhhtfully done!
Nice animation Mark! I think it could benefit a lot from sound. Particularly the explosion.
Thanks, guys!

You are right, Ken. I just wonder if sound will work with whatever audio is going to be running over the whole. But, just for kicks, here's the clip with sound effects:

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terrific! absolutely terrific!
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