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Well, it may be a decision I eventually regret, but I put in my two weeks notice at work today!

In the worst recession in a couple of decades, with a super-huge unemployment rate, I'm walking away from my job.

And I *think* I'm still sane. :-)

Money can't buy happiness and I'm ready for a change. Luckily, being single, I don't have anybody but me to put through the lean times.

Going to work on getting freelance jobs to get me by so that I can put The Wannabe Pirates as my main focus.

Keep your fingers crossed for me!

Good luck with it ,at least things can only get better
John Bigboote
I always say... "Fire them before they fire you!"...

That's a good plan- get animation jobs where you can and work on your 'pet-project' in betweens... GOOD LUCK!
Good luck! I think you're on to a winner with the WPs so it's not that much of a risk. wink.gif I'm ready for what ever gets thrown at me.
Thanks, guys!

I've been telling everybody that I already learned how to get by when I was starving when I lost all that weight a few years ago. I've packed on some since then, so that should help me along. :-)

Thanks, Ken! Activity should pick up by leaps and bounds in May.
May this be an exciting new chapter in life.

You do have some money saved right?

Just make sure your pirates are safe from sniipers ..Good Luck
Paul Forwood
All the best on your new venture, Mark!
Good luck!!! I've been wanting to do the same but I don't have your experience or skill. I hope you get everything you want and clearly deserve.
QUOTE(largento @ Apr 16 2009, 02:43 PM) *
I've been telling everybody that I already learned how to get by when I was starving when I lost all that weight a few years ago. I've packed on some since then, so that should help me along. :-)

Argh, matey ... I hear them parrots make mighty fine eatin'...for an anorexic...

Best wishes on your new adventure!
Let's hope it never comes to that, Nancy! :-)

Rob, I've got enough put aside to go 5 months without anything coming in. Hopefully I can keep most of the buffer in tact.

Thanks for the words of encouragement, everybody!
Good luck, Mark!
Chopper Al
Good luck Mark with your endeavor.

If you don't take the risk now, you may be asking yourself later in life, 'What if?'

Don't end up like me where I have lost a lot of the drive to do new things, and sit in a 6 x 6 cubicle counting the years until retirement (BTW, it's about 11.5 years now).

Good luck, Mark! That means we're gonna see alot more pirates smile.gif Good luck with your freelance also.
QUOTE(largento @ Apr 16 2009, 04:43 PM) *
Thanks, guys!

I've been telling everybody that I already learned how to get by when I was starving when I lost all that weight a few years ago. I've packed on some since then, so that should help me along. :-)

There's nothing like an empty wallet to help you lose weight. Same here. It's called the "I'm broke" diet. wink.gif

Good luck on your adventure. If you ever have a Pirates episode that needs some Newton physics guidance let me know! I might even give you an advance copy of the "Rad Doll" rig when it's ready. Let me know what control rig you use for your characters so I can set it up. It could be good for... walking the plank... falling from the crow's nest through the sail rigging... launched from a cannon... wink.gif

Congrats on your Big Decision. That was what I did when we started on "The Mountain" 3 years ago. (There were other factors as well.)
Best of luck, work hard, and you will be fine!
Thanks, guys!

Al, that's exactly my thinking. If I don't give it a try now, it'll be too late and I'll regret it.

Vern, I think I'll have to find a way to work in Flemm falling off of something into the story, just because of how hilarious it would look with the ragdoll physics. :-)
Life is what you make it. And nobody ever got rich by working for other people. You only make them richer.
I wish you the best of luck my friend!
VERY true words, Gene!

Thanks, Stian!
I think I am fighting envy......actually, I am sure of it.

Best of luck and let the adventure begin!
I admire your courage. I wish that I would have had the courage to do that 10 years ago and go after my dream. Good Luck and I wish all the success.


Although the economy is difficult, it's probably the best personal situation you could be in to do it. If you wait, the chance will slip away. Even if it doesn't turn out financially the best thing you can do, at least you will be able to say "I did something that was really worthwhile to me", which not many people can honestly say.
You are so right... money cant buy happiness... Hope it works out for you!

Best luck!
Thanks, guys! It's a little scary, but I'm really excited about having the freedom.

I'm really anxious for the two weeks to be over.
I wouldn't be as optimistic if this was just anybody.
But it isn't just anybody... it's you.

Go for it Mark! smile.gif
Wow. I'm always happy to see someone reaching for a dream. WP is a great so I'm sure you'll do fine. And since I know you from the Half Pixel forums I know you do your research. Best of luck. Hope to see you around here often.
When I first became a professional musician. I was told the story about the professional musician who won the state lottery for 12 million dollars. When asked what he was going to do now, he replied: "I'm gonna keep being a professional musician 'til the money runs out."
Artists do what they do because of something inside them that has to get out. You are embarking on the best endeavor of you life. The frustrations, irritations, naysayers, and just plain bulls*it (and there will be plenty of all of it) will all be washed away by the inner satisfactions you will feel with each little success. Improvisation will permeate all aspects of your venture.
Be who you are, do what you do. (and by the way, you're pretty flippin' good, so your skill and artistry gives you a leg up on the competition.)
Enjoy your journey.
Wow, thanks guys!

I REALLy appreciate all the words of support. (I sort of expected a bunch of posts telling me that I was insane for doing this.) :-)

You are so right, Myron. This is a burning thing inside that I have to get out. Entering my 40s, I've really started to be aware that I don't have forever left to do all of the things I've wanted to do.

I went to a memorial for an illustrator a few years ago. He had worked on a ton of things over his years and he was already an older guy when I met him years before. (I was at an ad agency doing production art on the Tuesday Morning retail account. We used line drawings of the products for the newspaper ads and he was the main source of them.)

Afterwards, I was sitting at a table with several of the people I used to work with, including a senior art director who told me about visiting the artist on his death bed. Cancer had sapped most of his strength and he told the art director practically with tears in his eyes that there were so many projects he still wanted to do and the worst part of this was knowing he'd never have the time to do them.

That's something that's stuck with me since.

[EDIT] Hey Rob, I remember your icon and webcomic from the Half Pixel forums, too. Have you started working with A:M?

[EDIT 2] Well, my adventure just got more adventurous since my engine light came on and I'm having $600 or so in repairs made. Luckily that's not a dealbreaker, but I figured it was best to take it in while I still had the option of taking back my resignation. :-)
Engine light! Try waiting 5 HOURS for some idiot to show up an get the keys out of your locked car... I'm still waiting. Apparently he is stuck in traffic. I called them at 2 with a "30 minute" time estimate.

So the guy just called from the road all apologetic about the traffic not moving...

"I'm so sorry Mr. Zehr. Can you give me another 20 minutes?"
"Uh, yeah... sure."
"Traffic isn't moving but I'm close. You will stay and wait for me right?"
"Uh... I don't have a car to drive. Remember? The keys are locked inside?"
"Oh shit... right... sorry. Be there as soon as I can."

These numnuts are listed as "local" to my area but apparently are located in NJ... I would have called someone closer if I'd known.


p.s. He just called! Just now! He's 2 minutes away! WOoohooo! I'm free!

Vern I always keep a spare door key in my wallet. It is a great thing to do!
LOL, Vern!

How much you wanna' bet he's forgetting to bring something he needs to unlock your car? :-)

I too have the wallet key. It came with my car and is housed in a credit-card shaped pouch that fits nicely in the wallet. Luckily haven't had to use it.
Oh... my... GOD!

Had to update my story since it just happened.

I did this stupid thing back a few months ago. That time was locked out of my hose. So I had a key to get in the house this time but never got a spare car key.

The lock guy shows up. Before he even started I asked "How much?" expecting a "reasonable" price. They quoted $40 over the phone. I figured it might be A LITTLE BIT more than that (I paid $40 last time to a different place). Keep in mind this guy has been on the turnpike from NJ, PA whatever for at least 2 to 3 hours. Not my fault. These guys were listed as covering Delaware. The lady on the phone said it was no problem. I was told they would arrive in 30 minutes... that was at 2pm this afternoon..

"So how much will this be?"
"WHAT? $75? They told me $40 over the phone!"
"$75. For this kind of car it's $75"
"Sorry to put you to all that trouble.. have a nice day."
"What? How much are you going to pay?"
"It's $40 just to drive out. Opening the door is extra."
"How about $65?"

The conversation went on from there (at one point neighbors came out to see what all the shouting was about). As I was going back in the house to continue looking for my spare keys and evaluate the situation he agreed to call his "boss". 20 minutes later...

"How about $54?"
"$40. Not a penny more. I can call a half dozen local places and they charge... $40"

More phone conversation...
"How about $50?"
"FORTY DOLLARS! Take it or leave it."

Yes, he agreed. So he opens the door and I pull out my credit card... oops...

"Oh no!' I have to charge you $54 if you are going to use a credit card."
"I asked on the phone when I called if you take credit cards. I was told yes."
"I'm not allowed to take less than $54 with a credit card. Has to be cash."
"Fine. Follow me up to the Wawa and I will get the $40 in cash."

I don't think he was expecting that. Strange how the "cut off" for credit cards was such an oddly specific number. He followed me to the Wawa and I paid the dang $40. Tomoorow... I get 10 extra car keys made and scatter them in the yard, under rocks, tape one to the mailbox... swallow one... have one surgically embedded under my skin...



If that guy had been really sharp, he would have unlocked your car and then quickly locked it again. :-)
haha ain't life grand?
I've already started assembling the parts for my own "door unlocker". They wedge the door open slightly using a cloth to protect the door and a metal wedge, insert a thin inflatable rubber thingy (similar to a blood pressure thingy) with a hand bulb pump. Pump this up and it pries the door open just enough to insert a metal rod to push the electric door lock button. I will have to keep it in some kind of pouch around my waist whenever I drive my car. wink.gif So far I've been lucky and only lock the keys in my car right in front of my house.

p.s. If he had said $54 FIRST I probably would have gone for it. After that whole mess I wasn't budging past $40. Like my dad said when I told him this story tonight, if that had been some poor old woman she would have paid the $75. Alls well that ends well I guess.

My first job out of college was working for the Mississippi School for Mathematics & Science. One day I had to run an errand and needed something else from my office. I pulled up in front of the building and decided to leave my car running (it was the South, we didn't think about thieves) and sure enough I locked the door when I got out and now I had my keys locked in my car while it was running. :-)

I called campus security and they came over and said they weren't unlocking cars anymore, but would do it if I signed a waiver. No problem, said I.

The guy started working on it with a slim-jim and I remember clearly him saying "It sounds like I'm breaking the lock, but I'm not."

He was and he did.
QUOTE(largento @ Apr 16 2009, 12:44 PM) *
Well, it may be a decision I eventually regret, but I put in my two weeks notice at work today!

In the worst recession in a couple of decades, with a super-huge unemployment rate, I'm walking away from my job.

And I *think* I'm still sane. :-)

Money can't buy happiness and I'm ready for a change. Luckily, being single, I don't have anybody but me to put through the lean times.

Going to work on getting freelance jobs to get me by so that I can put The Wannabe Pirates as my main focus.

Keep your fingers crossed for me!

good luck, you'll do great, get your Pirates working smile.gif
Thanks, Kat! I definitely will!
Mark, you're doing the right thing but I guess you already know that! Walking away from a job can be extremely therapeutic, and believe me you will have paying work before you know it.

I could go on but I've just now come to this thread and everyone else has already said what I would have said.
Thanks, Gerry! I hope you're right! :-)
Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner. I missed your edit and didn't see I had been acknowledged.

Yes I picked up Animation:Master at New York Comic Con and I tinkered with it a bit after that but since I got back from a trip around the country a few weeks ago I've been burning through the TAO lessons and learning as much and as fast as I can.

So generally, I've been driving poor Robcat and Rodney out of thier minds. Fortunately they are both patient and live outside stabbing distance.

I'm up to lesson 9 now. All previous lessons posted in the TAO forum.

I may be delusional but I'm hoping to have something related to my comic to show (as far as animation goes) by the time Connecticon rolls around near the end of July.

I am of course assuming that animation willl make my small webcomic wildly succesful and me rich and famous.

I will make sure to thank Animation:Master at the Oscars. tongue.gif
Let's hope that works for me and you both, Rob! :-)
Just as an update for folks who wondered which overpass to find me under with my tin cup and cardboard sign... :-)

So far, so good. I was able to pick up my first freelance job a few days after I left my old job and it looks like it's going to cover my bills for another 5 months or more!

Fingers crossed that I'll be able to continue finding work!

Haven't figured out a schedule yet. Working on that. I've had a few days that weren't very productive but I'm trying to adjust.

Not homeless yet. :-)
I have a friend who's an author (his 12th novel is coming out in July) and he has told me that working on your own, from home, is a very precarious thing. If you don't get yourself into a schedule and stick to it with the same discipline you would have if you had a job and a boss you can lose yourself very quickly. One thing I've learned from being unemployed for the last year. If you have the time there is always, always something to fill it. You have to force yourself to do the important things. I struggle with that all the time.
So are you still handling your business without the whip of a boss cracking your back lol? I must say leaving your job is a bold and smart move if it help achieves your goals.
I'm not sure about "smart," but it was "bold." :-)

Yes, I am still a free agent. The road has been a rough one. Freelance work almost completely dried up for awhile and I was forced to move into my sister's spare upstair's bedroom (where I'm still residing.) Work seems to be improving, so I'm not sure how much longer that will be.

But without question, the freedom has allowed me to do a great deal of work I wouldn't have been able to accomplish working nights and weekends after a full week's work.

I've found that "stuff" isn't nearly as important as I once thought it was. I've had most of my stuff in storage for over two years now and somehow I manage to get by without it.

I wonder sometimes if I knew what I know now, would I make the same decision and I'm not sure. The stability of regular income and my independence is a strong lure, but clearly I've accomplished things that in the end, are more important to me. We don't have a whole lot of time on this rock and it would suck to not at least given it a try.

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