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Full Version: Episode 5 Ready
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Hello again, everyone. Finally got moved back to Austin and setup everything for getting Episode 5 to be finished.

It was nice taking some time off from working on the episode; but, now I'm eager to get it finished and out to everyone. I'll post more soon; but, wanted to let everyone know that I was still cranking it out. Thanks. smile.gif

Episode 5:

Click to view attachment

Click to view attachment

I just watched Episode 4. Great story and dialog so far. I stayed interested throughout. Can't wait for Episode 5!
Have you uploaded these to YouTube?
Episode 5 is completed and now online. smile.gif

Homeslice, I thought about putting them on YouTube; but, the compression is not so good in my opinion. Plus, I use a different aspect ratio and I'm not sure it would carry over. I'm looking at getting onto their Partner Program. Hopefully, they answer my email. smile.gif
Oh, yeah, that's good. Music is perfect... Voices too. (You might have the music too loud or the voices too quiet on this one but I still heard every word and sound effect.)

Put some pictures up too, Ernest. (Put them in the first post - I added the link and changed the title.)
Thanks, Martin. Sometimes I get caught up in the production and getting it online and forget about doing admin type things. smile.gif

I'll check the audio levels again tonight.

Hope everyone enjoys this episode.
Another wonderful episode!
Lighting, direction, camera work, dialog, story and art direction are all really compelling.
Animation is floaty and lip sync seems awkward, but I'm still buying it smile.gif
Great job so far.
Yes, there are things to critique about this, but all the elements are so well integrated and create such a great effect that it becomes almost hypnotic. Even the similarity of the voices is a plus in some way I can't exactly explain. And the fact that it's all being done by one guy really puts it over the top in my estimation.
Thanks for the comments Homeslice and Gerry. On the next "season's" episodes, I hope to be able to take a bit more time to enhance some of the weaker aspects of my animating.

As for now, I was on a break from animating to work on a short, live-action zombie movie. All the shots were green screen; so I had to build all the sets in A:M. It was fun to do and a nice break from animating. I'll have it up on my website soon.. smile.gif
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