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Full Version: Episode 4 Complete and online
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It has taken a little longer than anticipated to bring this episode online. I had to change a few shots in anticipation of the greater storyline.

One thing about creating a longer, episodial story is to keep in mind that events that happen later on in the story might need to be foreshadowed or shot in a way to 'prep' the audience for future events. That also brings into consideration multiple storylines or multiple plot lines and how they are going to interact in the story; as well as, the characters own storylines and how they will interact with other characters or other storylines. That's why it's such a good idea to have your story or script laid out before going into production. It will help when trying to problem solve shots.

Also, I wanted to add a bit of an ode to Heath Ledger. It was shortly after seeing The Dark Knight that I decided to include the shot in the police station. My first inclination was to put a clown in handcuffs; just for some visual oddity to enhance the shot of trolling through the station. But, after seeing the movie, I decided to change it to something that had a little more to it.

Click to view attachment

For anyone interested, I am offering my coffee pot model. It has a pose slider for the coffee in the pot that when slid will allow the liquid to 'seem' to pour from the spout. It's not much, but, I wanted to give something back for everyone's interest and favorable comments.

Click to view attachment
Quite intriguing. I'm off to bed, but I'm looking forward to seeing the rest of the previous episodes tomorrow... the story/mysteriousness intrigues me
Nice update Ernest! Way to keep the suspense going.
I see you've added two Trailers as well. smile.gif

The downside of this of all this of course is that it takes a lot less time to consume/view an episode than to make one. That's the reality. The effort you are putting into it sure makes it worth the wait though.

You've still got me hooked.

Thoughts for the future:
Don't got all commercial on me here but... if you offer a 'Subject 99' TShirt one of these days and I'll purchase one to show my support.

"A free coffee pot with every episode"... now why didn't I think of that marketing strategy. wink.gif

You are making this too fun.
Much success to you in the effort.
That's what I'm talking about!

What a virtuoso performance! You're doing EVERYTHING yourself?

When I was watching this, I was thinking, "this guy should do something really underground, like "The Boys." (We need to get you together with Garth Ennis.)
Hey, thanks Rodney and Martin for those great comments.

Hmmm, Rodney, T-shirts? I'll have to give that some thought. It would be nice to generate some income from this. hehe

Yes, Martin, I am doing everything myself. It's tough finding the time to do it all; but, I've got everything portable (laptop, USB harddrive, etc.) to allow me to create wherever I am and whenever I have a few minutes. Lately, I've been working alot; so, in between shifts, I just power on and get to work.

Needless to say, episode 5 is already underway. hehe

I checked out The Boys. Very nice style and writing. I would like to get a bit more darker as the series progresses; but, I'm debating on that or reaching a larger audience. Decisions, decisions. smile.gif
All I can say is, Outstanding!
Just saw Episode 4 and I'm hooked!!!!

Great job!!!!!

this is cool more grace to your elbow
Thanks for the great feedback. It's even more enjoyable to work on the series now than I was before; because of comments like yours.

I've commited myself to getting Episode 5 out a lot sooner, as well. I don't want to sound boastful; but, I'm hoping to have a sneak peek of the next series out as well. Am I crazy?? Don't I sleep?? I don't know the answers; I just know that animating with A:M is so easy and I have too many ideas buzzing around. hehe smile.gif

Martin, is there a Hash logo that you have to upload onto my site for link to I was going to create one, but, if you got one laying around that would be great.
I watched this one then went back and watched the others. It's gotten better. Keep going.
Thanks Wiskey, i'm glad you enjoyed it.

Production may be on hold for about a week longer than usual. I have recently moved back to Austin, TX and will need a bit of time before setting up to be able to work on the next episode. I have managed to pre-build the scenes and record most of the audio; so I don't anticipate it taking too much longer.

Thanks for your patience. smile.gif
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