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Full Version: Re-Hash Of TaoA:M
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Even though I was doing about 75% ok when I first started TaoA:M, I didn't feel that I was making a dent in understanding the software. It was hard for me to concentrate on the actors when I couldn't even build a set. I've been traveling through the forum and a few things are beginning to make sense.

Using three grids, one for the sky background, and one each for the terrain and the water. I don't know if I've done it right but at least I've done it. I'm uploading the project file just in case a good Samaritan would like to tell me how to get rid of the green in the water. Anyway, Exercise 1 down.


Hey, thats a nice scene. I like the colors and the general layout.

In a way your image reminds me of some production shots from the ill fated 'Paw Island' movie.
It was (in my opinion) a very beautifully lit and rendered effort. (created entirely in A:M)

I haven't looked at your project file but it sure looks like reflection to me from the image.
If you added turbulence/roughness to the water plane the reflections would tend to reflect those things in line of sight in the environment... the green hills and sky.
LikeRodney said, it looks like some reflections, but also some of the green lake bottom shining through. I would guess you have your lake surface properties a bit too transparent and reflective. This is probably beyond the scope of this excercise, but for a future project, you might consider making the lake bottom a different material or color than the lake shore. There are several different ways to do this, but again, this is just a backdrop for KeeKat, and a nice one at that.
Hi Myron - I took a look at your project - it appears that you're using the ocean material - provided by hash. To help you see what's going on with the reflections, I deleted the "crumple" from the ocean material (oceannocrumple) - which is what was giving the reflections in the water a mottled look - Your project file didn't include the sky and grass image files, so my rendered result also looks a bit different. As others said - nice setting for keekat - and next stop.... materials!
Thanks Rodney, Eric, and Nancy,

I tweaked the crumple, Reflectivity on the & Transparency on the water are at 0. I tried adding lighting to possibly reduce reflections. The results are the 4.1 image. Just to experiment and learn, I deleted the Ocean material and replace it with a Water decal. I got rid of the reflections but doesn't look nearly as real or nice.

I'm tweaking parameters and learning. We'll see what happens.

Thanks Guys,
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