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Full Version: Krewl's Golden Throne
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Ullis is working on Krewl's Golden Throne.
here comes the throne in progress, it is not finished but I am leaving for Skopje, Makedonia in the morning. I'll be back next week. I hope you like the throne so far, any suggestions what to put in the top?
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It doesn't seem to be throne as much as a victorian chair. Maybe a bit more grandiose, and much taller; not so much wood looking, but more like a large stone or metal thing. Frank lloyd Wright and Egypt comes to mind. But that's just my humble opinion.
QUOTE(Ullis @ Jul 15 2008, 03:57 PM) *
here comes the throne in progress, it is not finished but I am leaving for Skopje, Makedonia in the morning. I'll be back next week. I hope you like the throne so far, any suggestions what to put in the top?
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The throne looks great - it could be a bit more exaggerated (back taller) and have a wider seat to fit the butt of the pompous fat King Krewel - The style fits with the ornateness that will be the throne room - Make it as whimsical as you'd like - add a crown on top? with money? jewels? King krewel is a greedy guy - as he is interested in selling his neice to the evil, vain Googly Goo in order to increase his coffers.

(I did a throne awhile back - with very poor modeling for TWO, maybe will use for Gloria's garden, room - but it might give you some ideas as to style)

You're on the right track
Ullis will you please upload what you've done so far? This model is not on SVN.
It looks like this model has been abandoned. Would someone like to model King Krewl's Throne?
Mike Cossey here, I will volunteer if Ul. doesnt show up, or you may wait for another volunteer, Note: I will be loosing my net access here at home at the end of the month, but can connect at work ,but no SVN.
Go for it Mike.
Losing your net access?! Yikes! I hope it's not permanent ....
You can always upload to the forum or email to project.scarecrow at if you can't get to svn.
Ok Ill start on it , will this need to be textured and any specific styling, I did notice the images posted above, In that direction? Im guessing....
Thanks, Mike....

PS .Cost of living is getting the best of us at the moment....dropped more than net service too...LOL
As far as style, the throne should be very ostentatious, over-the-top. King Krewl is a little man with a BIG chip on his shoulder.
He likes being rich and he likes to display is wealth in front of others. When making the throne, please make sure Krewl would fit in it with his toes just touching the ground. We want it to be a little too big for him, but not so big that he can't get into it easily (without hopping or climbing).

Eric Camden is working on Krewl's castle

I hope the cost of living situation improves SOON!
You could give up your car and get a bike and save enough money to keep all your utilities and have a little extra cash left over.

Thanks for the info, not sure though how big King Krewl is, was he in Two, if so I think I may have him on my old Two data, Could not the throne be scales as needed in the Chor? or does that lead to other problems?
Anyway, Ill start on it tonight at work....

About the other situation, I have two teenage sons, so cars are needed, we did pickup a scooter (there goes the rest of that rebate check, LOL) 50cc for those other around town trips, that should help a little.

If you haven't downloaded the SO data, don't worry about fitting the throne to Krewl. I can do that pretty easily. He's just short, about 4 feet tall I think, but the back of the throne should be big, to compensate for his tiny .... um .... stature wink.gif

Two teenage sons huh? oh man, I bet you have your hands full.
Mike, I just heard from Ullis. She wants to continue working on the throne she started.
But, I think we can use two thrones. I think Gloria and Pon both sit in a throne at the end of the movie.
Keep doing what you're doing. I just wanted to let you know Ullis is working on her throne too.

That's cool, (go for it Ullis, its nice what you have started )I'll post a pic of a throne where I let my inner Nancy G. out. I admire her work SO much I went ahead and let myself go, Not exactly conservative, thank goodness, LOL .... So here is my tribute to Nancy , I wish I had her style....

I'll get back to work my other attempt, let me know if you need it.

Mike C.
That's a pretty groovy chair. It might work as Pon's "throne". He is basically the consort of Queen Gloria at the end of the movie, so his chair would possibly be more humble than the royal throne. I hope Nancy chimes in.

A real throne in the Jinxland castle would be much more pompous and ostentatious, with a huge, highly ornamented back. In fact, pretty much everything in Jinxland castle is pompous and ostentatious.
Nice chair Mike - thanks very much for the complement.

I agree - This chair could work as Pon's throne - with it's "Lucky Charms" motif. The under part that a hidden potty chamber? (kidding, kidding...)

You said you were also doing another attempt at a throne? chair? I say go for it - Seems to me we'll be needing furniture to populate the castle, rooms, halls, bumpy house, witch house, garden, etc more than likely chairs, etc can be adapted for other sets as well, with a tweak here and there, and different texturing, coloring
Yea ,let myself go on that chair, that part underneath I added cause the actual seat looked too thin, so it was a quick , and nasty looking add. and deleatable... LOL, Yes Im working on another more traditional throne, cant seem to get satisfied with it yet........more later..........................Mike

Here is the other Throne I'm working on, bad angle on the render, I know. I have more I want to or can do on it to make it more uppity.

Ok ,latest renders of any updates, Ill try to attach the file here about mid week so if you have use for them on SO, be my guest. The newest Throne decor can be moved deleted others added as needed.

Looking pretty good. I'm not sure about how it will fit in with the style of the throne room, but I'd say the gold one would be good for Krewl.
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