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Yup. TinOwl gets...umm...his tin tinnified.

No surprises here. I hope.

I went with obvious choices this time - and I only present 4 with minor variations. If you're familiar with Tinman, this shouldn't be a big whoop.

#1 is probably how Tinman would get transformed by Yoop into an Owl - I kept with his color scheme & patterns - gold torso, crown, silver arms, boots, face, & Green pants

#2 is same as #1 - but I gave him Silver pants. Just cause we got a green monkey to compete with.

#3 introduces a possible Owl type colorization - sorta a little Brown Owl with silver face

#4 is same as #3 but made him a Brown Owl with brown toned face

I played with many different color combos, patterns - but he just kept coming up looking like a parrot instead of an owl. He was pretty, but he probably should have had a pina colada by his side.

I was thinking Yoop probably wouldn't give too much thought to making him more colorful. She would just melt him down.

I might refine some of the bumps (on face) and eye ring detail once I get a feeling for people's preferences. I think I like #3.

Comments are appreciated. Thanks.

I voted for #1 because of the closest resemblance to TW. And I find the silver and gold appealing and complimentary. His green pants are too dark a green to compete woth Monkey Woot's radio-active green.
I likee #1... especially with green pants.
As you say its an element that can connect him with Woot.

Great job!

Did you do anything with the eyes?
I think Tin Woodman's eyes are brighter green.
Definitely want to keep those the same.
Me to.. I like the green number 1. The others are to plain and similar. I like the blend from gold to green. I doubt he'll be to much like Green Monkey since Monkey has his own flourescent green color that sticks out pretty well.

Great stuff as usual. This guy really reminds me of the owl Athena gave Perseus in Clash of the Titans.

Why does Tin Owl have a crown? The Tin Woodsman won't have his crown at Yoop's Castle.
Why does Tin Owl have a crown? The Tin Woodsman won't have his crown at Yoop's Castle

I think the vote is swinging toward having him keep it throughout the adventure.
I recall it was disgussed at one of the last weekly meetings.

I confess I like the idea of the oil funnel more but haven't found a story hook suggesting one is more appropriate than the other. Now if they are desiring to adventure incognito... that'd be the hook and good reason to lose the crown.
Yeah No 1. What's going on around his eyes? Looks like noise or sommit.

I originally wanted no crown, but now I don't particularly mind. But I don't like how his funnel is attached to his crown and colored as such. It's part of his head. However, it would complicate some of the existing animations. Also, switching crowned Tinny to non crowned version would be alot of work unless it's decided now.
In my original design, I intended that the wings as well as the thigh area would emit some tin feathers using a hair material (like Mr. Dodo). What do you think of trying that?
Great job on all of them Nancy! Personally, I think #4 looks the best, but I like the idea of matching the #1 is my vote as well.

Nancy, all of them are beautiful! I like them all. I'm not voting in the poll, because I like #1 and #4. I can't decide between them.
Another vote for #1. Looks great. I like the idea of tin feathers, you could render a shape with a pattern on it, with a alpha channel, and use that as a hair image.
Okey dokie looks like Green Bloomers wins

As for tin hair feathers - I actually had considered it and discarded that idea as this TinOwl arms are tough to animate even without the feathers. Those modeled feathers are all fingers, very little forearm, bicep, and the hair feathers are sure to disrupt possible readability, and intersect things and I thought he had enough detail such that feathers would be overkill, and on & on...but he sure looks cute with them.

Here they are without reflectivity and at a very low density - again choices made to consider in animatability. I combed them untidyish - which can be refined, but I like him messy. I chose not to put them on his pants or anywhere else.

The only difference is the hair is silverish in the first pic, and variegated goldish in the second.

Sooooo... preferences Hair? no Hair? and if hair: Silver? Gold?

EDIT: I can't figure out how to change the poll
I'd personally keep the feathers off. You have a Tinman with no hair, so why have an owl with feathers?
Oooo, I think I like it, maybe a little longer or up the density. Hmmm, as for color, not sure, they both look good.
watch the language!LOL
sorry - cleaned up my act
Thanks everyone for your comments

I've committed TinOwl with green pants - no hair feathers - I felt that they weren't really necessary, and would only complicate animating.

I guess you're moving on to scarebear now. I don't think he'll be too hard....his fur is just sack cloth so no colours really. Just his hat.
QUOTE(KenH @ Jan 22 2007, 01:07 AM) *
his fur is just sack cloth so no colours really. Just his hat.

oh you are sooooo wrong about that.
But he doesn't have trousers or a jacket.....not even boots! He's made from the stuff scarecrows face is made from! Sigh....But the rainbow is your pallet and I'm sure you'll find somewhere to put them. biggrin.gif At least have it as an option is all I ask.
Ken, ken, ken ken ken ken KEN!

You might as well have painted the psychodellic, thigh high, fishnets, with silver tipped razor sharp bra on him yourself.

Have at it Nancy.. the guantlet has been dropped ;-)
QUOTE(cfree68f @ Jan 22 2007, 02:31 PM) *
psychodellic, thigh high, fishnets, with silver tipped razor sharp bra

Fabulous idea Colin !!!! FAB-U-LOUS!!!

I was just toying with Tightey-whities, speedos, lame thong, or a tasteful medieval male cod-piece, chastity belt number to cover up Scarebear's nakedness (as Ken so astutely pointed out) - I had never thought of going the cross dressing route!

This forum once again provides inspiration - so full of terrific ideas.

Heh heh hehe he heh hehe hehe hehehehehehehe
Perhaps he needs boots after all.....thigh high black leather ones! Maybe a leather cap too! Heh. The new TWO theme could be the YMCA!
You guys are killin' me here.
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