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Full Version: Audience Premiere for TWO Songs!
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This year, the Hash Christmas Party is being held on a boat cruise along the Willamette River, Monday, December 18th. Besides wild fun and debauchery, we'll be premiering the musically soundtrack of "Tin Woodman of Oz" to those in attendance. Most of the songs are ready for some public scruntiny but we still have a couple that are wrapping up. I will be circulating in the audience for the rest of the evening, getting first impressions. Please wish those who brought this music to fruition: Niels deGooier, Robert Holmen, Nancy Gormezano, Steve Mullen, and Chris Caouette, to "break a leg."
Break a leg guys. And Martin, let us know the people's reaction. maybe even conduct a quick survey of likes and dislikes.
Paul Forwood
Break a leg, maestros!

And you're going to be on a boat? My, my...You are quite the risk taker, aren't you?

People will be swimming to shore in droves, if my voice shows up in any recognizable form.

Get'em good & drunk. I found it kills the pain.

Luckily the other songs are sure to offset any damage "Mrs. Lonely Yoop" might do to your credibility.

Wish I could be there. Good luck all and enjoy the party. Break a leg (so to speak)

Did that. (Great party, BTW.) I haven't tabulated the secret ballots yet but I did peruse them, and things seem promising. I've done "audience evaluations" before, and I know 3 things:

1) If 4 people out of 10 say they like something, then 40 people out of 100 will say the same thing, (and the opposite is true too, unfortunately).
2) Most people cannot see past weaknesses of a WIP. You have to accept that and not get too depressed about poor ranking of a partially completed work.
3) No matter what, it's always good when someone rates a WIP as "excellent." If every song got at least one "excellent" rating (not all did), that means we have a chance for many more people to think it is "excellent" when it's in the context of the movie.

I saw a fair number of "excellents" just cursorily looking through the ballots. This is a very good sign. (I also saw many more "poors" but see above.)
12 songs in one sitting may have been tempting audience fatigue.

I'm seeing a mad rush for the life boats after about the eighth song or so.
Well, here's the average rankings. The most common complaint I heard was that they didn't know the context so they could only judge the song on whether it was a catchy tune or had a nice beat. For example, "What Do I Smell?" is purely a contextual song, same with "Lonely." Both of those can be bumped up at least one ranking when placed in the movie. 7 of the songs had at least one person rank them as "excellent."

My Heart Is Broken
Can It Be True?

Very Good
Wop Them, Bop Them
We're Off, We're Gone
My Love, Your Love
I'm Home

What's Wrong With Me?
I Want To Be An Adventurer
Scarecrow's Song (hiphop version)
Snip, Snip
What Do I Smell?

Not So Good
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